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Showreel Kinowochenschauen ab 1945

Showreel "German History after 1945"

Current Events in the Rear-View Mirror

  • 50th Anniversary of Ho Chi Minh’s Death († September 2, 1969)

    His struggle for Vietnam’s independence made Ho Chi Minh a father figure of his native country, a role model to anti-colonialist liberation fighters… More…

  • 60th Anniversary of the Nikita Khrushchev’s Visit to the United States (September 15 - 27, 1959)

    In September 1959 Nikita Khrushchev follows an invitation by US President Eisenhower and is the first Soviet head of state to ever visit the United… More…

  • Brigitte Bardot’s 85th Birthday (* September 28, 1934)

    Brigitte Bardot is the sex symbol of the 1950s and 1960s — a time when such a label was still a compliment. On one hand her breathtaking beauty and… More…

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  • Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 520/1960

  • Welt im Bild 102/1954

  • UFA-Wochenschau 55/1957

  • Die Zeit unter der Lupe 971/1968

  • UFA-Wochenschau 230/1960

  • Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 563/1960

  • Welt im Film 198/1949

  • Die März-Revolten in Berlin

  • Welt im Film 160/1948

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