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Showreel "German History after 1945"

Current Events in the Rear-View Mirror

  • Susanne Erichsen Becomes the First Miss Germany of the Federal Republic of Germany (September 2, 1950)

    Susanne Erichsen is one of the first German models to become an international top model. Her post-war storybook career almost seems like an allegory… More…

  • 70th Anniversary of the First Census in the FRG (September 13, 1950)

    On September 13, 1950 the first comprehensive census of the still young Federal Republic of Germany takes place. It is part of the world census that… More…

  • 75 Years of Transit Camp Friedland (September 20, 1945)

    Friedland is known worldwide as the „gate to freedom.“ No other place in the Federal Republic of Germany is connected to refugees, expellees,… More…

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