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Welt im Film 84/1947

in vote. Among those present Luise Schröder, total. The elected Lord Mayor Dr. Ostrowski puts on glasses and speaking, total (no interview), present gossip. (26 m) b. Ahrensburg: head go down to the bog archaeological man. Soil is investigated. Finds
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UFA-Dabei 654/1969

the low back. 06 evening suits demonstrate men's fashion in Ahrensburg Dressmen. White Dinnerjacket, striped jacket, peak reverse. Mandarin collar. Beat Chapel. Light and shadow trick of Chapel and fashion. Dressman, great. Jumping on a trampoline in
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UFA-Dabei 749/1970

01 Manila: Assassination attempt on Pope Paul VI. rolling out Alitalia machine. Tower with tape: "his Holiness Pope Paul VI". Pope at the head of the gangway with both hands waving. Colored cameramen. Paul smiling large. Crowd, in the midst of the[…]
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UFA-Dabei 751/1970

1st Warsaw: German Polish Treaty II city images of Warsaw. Monument. Old rows of houses. Wrought iron window bars and style watch, behind it. Modern high-rise buildings. Many passers-by. Showcase. Newsstand with buyers. Interior shots of the[…]
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UFA-Dabei 906/1973

eventualities of life and at the same time to make the saving Dissavers for larger purchases, therefore, he must save more in an inflationary process." Still not finished construction of high-rise buildings. Buildings of schools, roads and hospitals. Ahrensburg
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Deutschlandspiegel 360/1984

01. 2000 years of Trier situated bridge of Trier. The Porta Negra. Youth of Europe in Trier. Roman bust and items. Foreigners in artistic workshop. Rain falls in Lake. Rock concert in the open air. Aerial view of Trier. (54 m) 02 Ahrensburg - Center
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