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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 278/1955

catwalk. (18 m) 09 Alsfeld: Brunch of the student on the market square timber-frame houses. Academic morning pint of students. Foxes and old men drink. Dog eats sausage. Beer is instilled young student in the pillory. (23 m) 10 Italy: betting-drinking men
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 540/1960

election candidates go in the swimsuit and evening gown on the runway. Viewers. Miss Germany is Ingrun Helgard Möckel / Düsseldorf, 18 years, on Siegerthron of the opal works. (21 m) 05. Alsfeld: Academic brunch on the marketplace, beer is tapped and served
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Deutschlandspiegel 252/1975

. Spectators on the beach full image. Drivers in the Sulky after victory with a verdrecktem face. 02. Alsfeld: preservation of discussion in the open air. Faces of people, great. Timber-frame houses, shot back. The historical centre of the small town. Two men
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