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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 172/1953

Chancellor of Blücher and Ernst Reuter at wreath-laying ceremony. (19 m) 07. Jordan: King Hussein to the throne city image of the capital of Amman with the towers of the mosques. The 18-year old King Hussein drives in an open car through the city to the
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Welt im Bild 46/1953

Hussein to the throne city image of the capital of Amman with towers of mosques. The 18-year old King Hussein drives in an open car through the city to the Parliament building. Hussein pushes the throne oath before the Prince of his country. He succeeds
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UFA-Wochenschau 30/1957

. take acres - 3 report snow in Amman. Guards outside the Palace of King Hussein with sword in hand. Manfred Purzer converses with King Hussein, who sits at the desk. The British Ambassador enters the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Say hello to
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UFA-Wochenschau 41/1957

is welcomed by President Bayer. 15s presents. Heuss and Bayer step out front of the stand. 02. HotSpot Middle East - glance views of dramatic days in Jordan Amman's cityscape. Demonstration train runs through the streets. Crowd revolted against the
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UFA-Wochenschau 107/1958

1st Jordan: King Hussein when British forces breakdown from NDW 446 / 1: King Hussein surrounded by soldiers of the British army in Amman. Fly fighter planes. (22 m) 02 Amman: treason trial of gunrunners 23 Arab weapon smugglers as a defendant in
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UFA-Dabei 879/1973

in the garden and entertain themselves. Both close, great. In Amman as a guest of the Jordanian royal couple. King Hussein sitting with wife, Walter Scheel and wife Dr. Mildred Scheel together on sofa. Adoption Scheel/Hussein. Walter Scheel visited
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Deutschlandspiegel 226/1973

-close. Sadat, Scheel, big, big. Amman: Comparing sitting, swing, King Hussein and wife, Walter Scheel and Mildred Scheel. Helicopter lands. Scheel's getting out. Tour of the development project, construction of the Talal - dam. Scheel in an interview with the
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