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Welt im Film 174/1948

- two critical factors for progress and reconstruction. 06. change of throne in Holland a week happy and worthy festivals saw whole Holland and especially Amsterdam. Queen Wilhelmina of Holland at the same time her 69th birthday and her 50th anniversary
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Welt im Film 175/1948

. Start. Race car on the track. Record of 283 km/h. Congratulations. (16 m) c. Finnish refugees in eastern England refugees on board a ship, men, women and children. The mayor welcomed the refugees. Residents bring donations. (28 m) 03 Amsterdam: Juliana
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Welt im Film 241/1950

gas and the car moves in the tightest space. And now the whole thing, with the reverse. If proven, the new invention the motorists of all major cities will build a monument the inventor. 03. Indonesia is independent In the Royal Palace Amsterdam found
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Welt im Film 338/1951

fool Iman Emilio Schubert faces gowns, great. Mannequins with evening dresses in front of mirror. Precious dresses are presented. (33 m) c. Amsterdam: billiards - play Championships the billiard table: Kron, France, Siguret, France, Van de Kerckhove
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Welt im Film 339/1951

scene, close to half. Damaged truck. Accident, total. (26 m) 06. colorful image gallery a. Amsterdam: competition of the makeup artist makeup artist at work. Replica of Emperor Napoleon III. Free mask formation. Faces and big monster. (17 m) b. Paris
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 119/1952

1 1 1 May - World Festival of Hamburg may move work with banners - higher wages - we demand unlimited freedom in the dock construction and ship - Dept. plant and piping Caroline Street - war brings destruction brings peace prosperity - mass moving[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 122/1952

Europe can be built." 02. Amsterdam: Inauguration of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal ship sails into the sheath. Floodgate, great. Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard at the inauguration. Ship sails in channel. 03. Berlin: film star lookalike Wolfgang Lukschy
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Welt im Bild 16/1952

) 7th Brussels: cards artist Tomanek Tomanek enters the Café and introduces Kartenkunststücke. He conjures up blank cards and let them disappear. Cards such as leaves fall from both hands. (21 m) 08 Amsterdam: driving instructor Ulk driving instructor is
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Welt im Bild 27/1952

water after a storm surge. (16 m) 09 Italy: stranding an American vessel on rock ship expired on and broken apart. Rescue boats on the ship. Rescuers with radio on the shore. Crew is recovered on winch, as the last of the captain. (24 m) 10 Amsterdam
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Welt im Bild 51/1953

tankers Phönix and pan Massachusetts are ship collision of two tanker collision in flames. Thick clouds of dark smoke. 05. Amsterdam: children drummers in the stock exchange painting shows the ancient tradition of drumming in the stock market, after 300
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 193/1953

Hayworth Ring on the finger of wedding couple of the Schlager singer of Dick Haymes. (17 m) 10 Amsterdam: football FIFA World eleven - FC Barcelona 5-2 in the 15th minute shoots Cesar for Barcelona the 1:0 spectators clap. See St. Niklas viewers and 2 black
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 223/1954

Schuhplattler around the Maypole dance men. Bavarian band playing. Baumkraxler climb to the Maypole. (35 m) 03. State visit of King Frederik and Queen Ingrid of Denmark in Holland Amsterdam. Queen Ingrid, King Frederik, Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard on
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Welt im Bild 97/1954

01 May 1 - oberkochen labor day: May Day celebrations of the Carl Zeiss works with unveiling of a bust of Professor Ernst Abbe, founder (with SCHOTT) as head of the optical works of Zeiss Jena of scientific optical technology. Werksangehörige[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 232/1954

bumps. Standing spectators. Belgian winner. Audience clapping. (23 m) 11. Amsterdam: Hippo baby Hippo baby Hippo mother bathe and feed on land. (15 m) 12 Reims: Mercedes wins the auto racing Grand Prix of France Dunlop advertising on track. The first
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Welt im Bild 109/1954

. Amsterdam: State visit of French President René Coty open 6-clamping-carriage with Coty and Juliana travels through the city. Coty and Juliana pace front of the stand. Children waving flags. Gala reception in the evening. Coty, Juliana and Prince Bernhard on
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 235/1954

Friday, Hinrich head. Delegation of foreign countries. Clapping. (20 m) 03 Amsterdam: State visit of French President René Coty children with flags on the side of the road. Drive open 6-clamping and horse-drawn carriage through the city. Coty and Juliana
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 238/1954

pleasant change of pace. Netherlands: State visit from Norway for a three-day state visit to the Netherlands was King Haakon of Norway. The 82 monarch was welcomed by Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard. After the official reception in Amsterdam, the Royal
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Welt im Bild 113/1954

and Fritz Schär / Switzerland. Louison Bobet WINS and becomes world champion of street riders. 10 Amsterdam: European Rowing Championships of women coxed: Russia before Austria WINS by a large margin. Viewers go along with wheels on the shore and
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 240/1954

yoga. Young men for exercise of self-control of the body. Indian introduces movement of building muscle. (23 m) 10. Amsterdam: Rowing Championships of final eights: In the final boats of Denmark, Czechoslovakia, USSR, Yugoslavia. Start and race. In the
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Welt im Bild 138/1955

drinking from a bottle of sparkling wine. Chimpanzee child drinking from a bottle of milk. Chimp smokes. As a spectator of brush ear monkeys. Cockatoo, large. Parrot makes somersault. (30 m) 09 Amsterdam: billiards Championships in the three gang game
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