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Städte an der Westfront

Brussels: triumphal arch, Manneken piss, market square and theatre; Antwerp: City Hall, railway station; and port; Ghent: Channels with historic buildings; Zeebrugge: aerial photographs of the pier and the town; Drive along the breakwater; Removal
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Welt im Film 68/1946

: Winston Churchill. (9 m) d. Antwerp celebrates Rubens paintings of the painter, screen. Celebration on the market square in Antwerp. An orchestra plays total. (15 m) 06. The Byrnes speech in Stuttgart, Secretary of State Byrnes in the door of a train
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Welt im Film 175/1948

. Antwerp: Professor Piccard with deep sea ball before driving to scuba diving test in the Gulf of Huinea Piccard next to his wife on ship, half-close. Loading the Tauchkugel. (12 m) b. England: car speed record by Gardner racer Gardner rises in race cars
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 119/1952

start with Karl Kling. The car driving on wet road. The Italian Giovanni Bracco goes first through the target. 2. If Karl Kling on Mercedes. Victor Bracco on Ferrari, surrounded by people. Audience clapping. 07. Antwerp: Karel sys - boxing Heinz Neuhaus
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Welt im Film 362/1952

-off. Bleachers image filling and half close. Germany in the attack. 1-0 to Germany. Cheering spectators, half-close. Headed goal by Germany. (32 m) b. Antwerp: boxes Heinz Neuhaus - attacking Karel Sys Neuhaus, but cleverly dodging sys. Result of the struggle
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