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Welt im Film 31/1945

scenes. Girl running with upscale high skirts, half total. The goalkeeper lifts the skirt, you can see the leg guard rails. Country result: 6-0 for the players flooded by 1895 (66 m) 7th Australia - flooding in New South Wales, total. In the streets, boys
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Welt im Film 36/1946

Voigtländer (half total). Montgomery at Polish forced laborers (half total). A child shaking hands with him. (30 m) 02 Australia - Carnival on the beach parade of floats on the beach of Australia (total). A large car reverses with the label of "Miß Australia
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Welt im Film 40/1946

) Beach crowded b. heatwave in Australia and people in the lounge chairs (half total). Surf with swimmers (total). Water slides (total). A little boy with swimsuit (half total) drinking from a hose. Boy runs on a rotating wheel in the water and falls into
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Welt im Film 41/1946

made of aluminium. Model of the prefabricated house (total). The House itself (total). d. (18 m) Tower jumping in Australia diving (total). Different jumps in slow motion (total). Mass jump by various diving boards (total). (22 m) e. ski Carnival in
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Welt im Film 50/1946

aircraft Tudor II aircraft Tudor II (total). Propellers continuously (large). Part of shots of the aircraft (large). Start (large). The flight (total). (23 m) b. surfing in Australia surfing in Australia in the surf (total). Shooting At night. The coast
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Welt im Film 78/1946

helicopter, which floats above the track. (6 m) c. Australia: 3 year old boy swims and jumps from Springboard little boy jumps backward from the springboard. He makes head jump higher springboard. He swims. (9 m) d. Texas Rodeo cowboys on wild jumping horses
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Welt im Film 81/1946

m) c. Australia: horse racing for the cup of Melbourne racing audience. Women, great. Woman with margined straw hat, great. Horses in the lead ring, total. Launch of 25 horses, totally. The race in the curve. The favorite Russia WINS with five
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Welt im Film 95/1947

. (47 m) 06. original of the sport a. Australia: Rodeo man falls from bockendem horse. Horse falls down with cowboy. Rider falls over the horse's neck. Horse falls. Man hangs when falling into the Stirrups. (22 m) b. Miami: choice of the most beautiful
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Welt im Film 133/1947

load vehicle transported whole House. An office building will be transported on ferry service across the river. Houses are offloaded to the new destination. (17 m) b. Australia: locust swarms of locusts, filling picture. Kids and car driving behind
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Welt im Film 144/1948

with chopsticks. Indians. Indian Child, great. (64 m) 05. images from around the world as United States: artificial snow storm off pipe is sprayed hot steam room which sits down as snow. Meteorological Research of the refrigeration. (17 m) b. Australia
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Welt im Film 145/1948

write into that, what you can get to from behind." "Yes, not only, they are even. You have no risk, because, as you can see, your name will be in the book not listed." Computer equipment with cards. (67 m) 07. surfing in Australia surf on the coast of
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Welt im Film 147/1948

. Australia: tennis men's double tennis match: Colin Long and Billy Sidwell play against Quist and Bromwich. Audience clapping, total. (28 m) b. California: horse racing "Grand Prix Santa Amica" start and race. Crowds. The favorite talent only forges ahead on
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Welt im Film 227/1949

champion pair in the table tennis Victor Barna and Richard Bergmann, during a visit in Australia, showed their great form. Here the champions play each other. Each smash is taken: since the skilled person is amazed and surprised the layman. And now a double
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Welt im Film 244/1950

on. Instruction of the Norwegian painter Lindström in advertising and decoration. Meeting for reconstruction of Ulm. (42 m) 04 Australia: woman paralyzed by polio helps with feet woman sits on Chair and crochet with the feet, writes typewriter with
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 208/1954

01 Australia: British atomic bomb test mushroom cloud. Professor William Penney leads atomic bomb attempt against aircraft. Steel Tower on the bomb to be detonated. Flying weather balloons. Cameramen. Pointer of the count down approaching the point
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Welt im Bild 82/1954

-up René Coty Coty. 05. Australia: British atomic bomb test mushroom cloud. Professor William Penney leads atomic bomb attempt against aircraft. Steel Tower on the bomb to be detonated. Flying weather balloons. Cameramen. Pointer of the count down is
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Welt im Bild 86/1954

. Australia: World Travel Elizabeth II: and Elizabeth and Philip passing Prince Philip in Sydney in an open carriage standing crowd. Youth wave screen. Parade of the Lifesaver will Instead of on the beach. The men through the surf ride in boats. Overturning
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 366/1957

horseback and on camels. Elephants in the pageant. Groups from all the provinces perform folk dances. 08. Australia: Dramatic rescue of a child of 2 years child located after fall into a borehole in depth of 7 m. Rescuers To try to penetrate through hole a
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 374/1957

of France, Italy, the Netherlands (LUNs), Belgium and Luxembourg signed the Treaty of Rome to the creation of a common market. Agreement with signatures. 05. Australia: Visit Heinrich of Brentano in Canberra participates by Brentano in the topping
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 381/1957

. 08 Australia: swimwear mannequins on rocky beach. Demonstration of bathing suits with short sleeves. Ball game on the beach. Sleeping man gets the ball at his head. Mannequins with swimwear of turn of the century. 09 Berlin: Rowing Veterans Veterans
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