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Welt im Film 24/1945

. Tired stair rising girls. You are on a high balcony and look down. (22 m) 6th England - Churchill back in London a plane lands. Churchill rises in uniform from the plane. He is greeted by Lady Churchill. Churchill covers a coat. (15 m) 07 Austria
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Welt im Film 25/1945

01 tour of inspection General de Gaulle de Gaulle drive in an open car through Saarbrücken. He takes off a parade. Cityscape Mainz, total. Debris of houses and streets. De Gaulle goes through Trümmerstraßen. He decorated flags of troops with[…]
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Welt im Film 30/1945

, guardians of the towers (beaf eaters) in historical uniforms March, half total. The car of the Lord Mayor. He's getting out, half total. (35 m) 04 Austria selects released recording from Vienna, half totally vague. Large paper rolls are rolled in a House
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Welt im Film 36/1946

01 Germany - inspection trip of Montgomery's car with the British stander moves (half total) Montgomery speaks with refugees in a camp of NISSEN (half total). Montgomery continues down a guard of honor (half total). Montgomery visited the factory[…]
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Welt im Film 72/1946

01 of the Rhine of the kids Tractor pulls long trailer with children. The children go in Schierstein on the Rhine aboard an excursion steamer. The kids look over the railing of the ship. Bank of the Rhine. Vineyards and the Niederwald monument.[…]
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Welt im Film 73/1946

the contain seedlings. When working in agriculture. Young people play football. Boy in the library with the book lending. Young people with suitcases go at the dismissal of the prison. a. race (44 m)-06 sport (103 m) Riesberg - in Austria start a solo
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Welt im Film 93/1947

fire at a ruptured line. Oil towers, total. (39 m) 5th sport a. Austria: Skijoring motorcyclist pulls skiers behind him. Starter lowers the flag. Ride through the village road and on the road. Sidecar machine attracts skiers. Solo machines get over
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Welt im Film 121/1947

. Austria: box lid as roof tile Roofer sits on the roof and nail box lid on the damaged areas. (17 m) c. tobacco self-made man picks up cigarette butts from the street and pushes out the tobacco. Tobacco plants on Windows. Tobacco plants in garden. Man cuts
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Welt im Film 128/1947

world a. Austria: mountaintop cross for the Dachstein the Dachstein mountain behind Lake in the dark with Summit snowman. Mountaineers climb in the snow. Young people bring cross at the Summit. Priest dedicates the cross. Praying women, great mountain
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Welt im Film 133/1947

. Picture his bride Princess Anna of Bourbon Parma. Michael and Helene in welcoming of guests, half-close. Side by side, half-close. (25 m) 6 new from Austria a. Vienna: Crime Museum visitors in the Museum. Image of Einbrecher King Breitwieser. Medieval
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Welt im Film 150/1948

mannequins on the dress. (24 m) c. election of Miß Austria photos of applicants. Applicants in the Photo Studio. Young girl, big faces. Applicants in a bathing suit. The winner. Illustration of the winner as a title image on magazines. Woman considered
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Welt im Film 155/1948

01 streiflichter from Germany a. US - zone - America houses with font Amerika Haus. Readers in the library. Books are borrowed. Man reads newspaper. Children in children's reading room. Boys read, great. (22 m) b. Esslingen: paddle paddler on the[…]
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Welt im Film 158/1948

by Wilhelm Busch. (46 m) 7th Olympic view Austria: training of Turner in the open air. Bar turner, stretching Turner, ring Turner, floor Turner. England: Equestrian training jump over obstacles. United States rider train Riehm at Munich. United
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Welt im Film 166/1948

destroyed five cities aerial photographs of the destruction on the island Hondo. Destroyed houses in the city of Fukui. Recovery of victims. Wounded on cars. Homeless people are looking in tatters. (30 m) 03 pictures from all over the world a. Austria
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Welt im Film 174/1948

1 Berlin: Flying freight cars as a blockade runner in houses aircraft flying at, is landing in Tempelhof. Landing the C 82. discharging. (21 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany a. Forchheim: Tobacco Institute tobacco fields. Women harvest tobacco.[…]
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Welt im Film 183/1948

international football a. London England - Wales 1-0 game scenes. England scores a goal that is not recognized by referees. 2. scoring for England. Audience wave. (20 m) b. Vienna: Austria - Sweden 2-1 seating. Game scenes before Sweden goal. Austria shoots 1
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Welt im Film 289/1950

waving of hats. Cheering Marines at the 14:2 (33 m) b. Austria: ski training top skier Sepp Bradl, Austria, large. Sepp Weiler during the ascent. Ski jumps. Bradl shows correct posture. Sepp Weiler jumps. Boy ski runs and falls down. (27 m) c. Berlin
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 69/1951

. Heuss talking to Morrison. Handshake Heuss-Morrison. (23 m) 03 Austria: electoral candidates for the Presidency of Dr. Theodor Körner, SPD, on the lectern. Kids present him with flowers. Dr. Heinrich Gleissner. Candidate of the people's Party, in
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Welt im Film 313/1951

Frings gives the blessing. (37 m) 03 updates soon a. Austria: elections of the President of people at polling station. Theo Lingen chooses. Counting of the votes. Dr Körner, half close, before microphones, to win by a narrow majority. (14 m) b. Utah
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 95/1951

ski season in the Alps of Austria: the German Olympic team at Sepp Bradl on the Hochkönig. Skier rolling snow into large ball. Sepp Bradl and German ski jumpers shoveling snow for a small jump. Sepp Bradl shovels and introduces jump movement. Ski
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