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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 352/1956

make-up. Chimpanzee make-up itself and presents with mannequin dance dress. 06. Böblingen: roller ski cross country home on meadow ski scooters. Run on hillside and shot ride down through the target on skis with scooters. 07. Dortmund: the wheel
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 658/1962

the water. 08th Böblingen. Aerobatic Championships. Liesel Bach in pulpit, puts on glasses, Walter Wolfrum starts propeller from the front, large, people look to the skies, machine in the air, our cameraman with flying the Bücker Jungmeister Walter
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UFA-Wochenschau 324/1962

Böblingen, recorded alone flying glider in different exercises, from the ground and from the air (especially good shots of aerial photographs from the air). 05. Berlin. German Gymnastics Championships. -Rotating road with cars and pedestrians. Rhönradbau on
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UFA-Wochenschau 326/1962

01 Bonn. Farewell Lauris Norstads:-General Norstad company walks off, close, short, people and customs police officers in addition to their Krädern on street, Norstad and and. General greet the company close + total, Norstad accompanied by steps[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 869/1966

swinging door. Teege with image by Christian Friedrich Grabbe "just out... but so's lives fresh meaning through life is bad". Image of the victim. 07. Böblingen: German Championships in artistic cycling images by cyclists of the past. Group of four of the
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UFA-Dabei 810/1972

in the exchange of concrete buildings and pieces of clothing. 06 Böblingen: 23 indoor handball, German championship game Faust Göppingen - VFL Gummersbach 14:12 different game scenes, partly in ZL. Among others national goalkeeper crashes, hangover
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Deutschlandspiegel 212/1972

everything, the whole thing." Flower picture, screen-filling. Printer when cleaning the machine. Various motifs of naive painting. 06. Böblingen: German Championships in the indoor handball: Faust Göppingen - VFL Gummersbach 14:12 goal throw, goal camera
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UFA-Dabei 866/1973

with large squares, harem pants. Sports and leisure wear. At the fashion show as props: Skis, bicycle. Men with bare-chested. Bride and groom dressed by Pierre Cardin. (38 m) of Böblingen 05: table tennis ranking tournament close-up at the game. Hall
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Deutschlandspiegel 224/1973

. Rear derailleur. Float in the pool. High diver and Tower jumper during the jump. Shooting under water after immersion and re-emergence. 06. Böblingen: table tennis. Top-ranking 12 eyes in face of spectator back and forth, go big. Audience, great
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Deutschlandspiegel 366/1985

01 Bonn: organ builder Hans Gerd KLAIS organ manufacturer workshop. Organ Builder tool when testing the sound of organ pipes. Professor Bucher, Switzerland, examines the construction plans for the organ appointed by him. Tin lead alloy material is[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 414/1989

speaks interview about the work. Mrs Gabriele Trump interview. Plant protection products in test tubes. Scientists in research work in the laboratory. Data are evaluated. Market stalls with vegetables and fruit size. (73 m) 03. Böblingen: German French
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