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Welt im Film 34/1946

Greece are mules loaded on station wagons (total). You go up a ramp in the car. The train departs. In the port of Bari, the Mule in a network by a crane on the vessel be lifted (total and half total) and again unloaded in a Greek port on the same way
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 85/1951

from sink fast cat. (38 m) 9 Bari: car racing start of racing cars. Car on the race track. Auditorium. Ascari goes to box. He must abandon the race because of engine failure. Fangio on Alfa Romeo is a winner by the target. Fangio half close, with racing
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 190/1953

Story 1 and 2: 32 m of 01 Bari: technical exhibition vessels in port. Loading of large box on crane. TRUCK driving on country road. Steam locomotive drives in the image. Fiera di Bari. Exhibition Pavilion of Germany, Great Britain. Glass figure of
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