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Welt im Film 25/1945

01 tour of inspection General de Gaulle de Gaulle drive in an open car through Saarbrücken. He takes off a parade. Cityscape Mainz, total. Debris of houses and streets. De Gaulle goes through Trümmerstraßen. He decorated flags of troops with[…]
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Welt im Film 60/1946

01 floods in Bavaria flooded fields (total). A car drives along a flooded road (half total). Broken trees (total). Flooded houses (half total). Children Wade through the water (half total). Furniture is (totally) transported in boats. Two paddlers
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Welt im Film 73/1946

streamlined bike, great. Portable sewing machine, large. Furniture. Woman puts flowers on the dining table. (43 m) 04. streiflichter from Germany (123 m) a. New textbooks for Bavaria Bavarian textbook for the 2nd class, great. The head of the US military
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Welt im Film 74/1946

. Eisenhower with Minister of Economic Affairs Erhard goes through the exhibition. General Mc Narney, half-close, Eisenhower, great. Eisenhower climbs his car, half-close. Car moving off. (64 m) 02. On the way to the economic entity (Bavaria and Thuringia
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Welt im Film 78/1946

. President Truman and wife upon arrival. The meeting room, inside. The delegates rise, total. Truman at the opening speech, half-close. Delegates applaud total. (51 m) 03. streiflichter from Germany (107 m) a. Bavaria: potato action crew vehicles. Bauer leads
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Welt im Film 100/1947

. Original sound. Milk leaves the courtroom with security, half-close. (38 m) 03. 137. birthday Abraham Lincoln President Truman before the monument to Lincoln in Washington. Wreath-laying ceremony. (20 m) 04. streiflichter from Germany a. Bavaria
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Welt im Film 106/1947

01 Bavaria: The first State search notices of the search for missing persons. People read the posters. Woman goes into place. Staff in the registration office at the sort of files. Woman with child, great. Young man, great. The Bavarian Interior
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Welt im Film 107/1947

carver in the carving of figures of Saints. Colonel Kleitz, head of the message control of Bavaria, presented the Director of the games and characters of Pontius Pilate Melchior Breitsamer, the license. Crew members and people out of the House. The
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Welt im Film 111/1947

, life goes on. The farmer can purchase already back around his fields - if the dead trees still long of war will remember the horrors. c. fire drill, Munich in Germany all fires increase to an ever increasing extent. In Bavaria, the Fire Department
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Welt im Film 121/1947

Müller in Munich. (9 m) 06. To help himself further a. Upper Bavaria: boy as a freight forwarder tighten two boy ponies before car. You loaded milk churns on the car. Boy drives milk on the carriage. The boy rides his horse into the river. (23 m) b
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Welt im Film 127/1947

. streiflichter from Germany a. Bavaria: State funeral at the beginning of the construction project of the redirection of the crack stream the Walchensee. Power plant on Walchensee. Map with trace the redirection of the crack torrent. Aerial view of the estuary
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Welt im Film 129/1947

01 a. men go streiflichter from Germany potato action in Bavaria in farms. Geese on the dung heap. Men look for potatoes in dung. Potatoes are found. Farmers and men in heavy discussion. Potatoes are loaded on trucks. (30 m) b. Göttingen: brain
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Welt im Film 130/1947

01 updates soon a. Frankfurt / Main: topping the Paulskirche pan across the St. Paul's Church with scaffolding. Carpenter says the verdict and can smash his glass on the ground. Richtkranz is raised. Mayor Kolb talks, half-close. (22 m) b. Bavaria
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Welt im Film 140/1948

Prince Bernhard, and the daughters of the heir to the throne couple are accompanied by the Queen Wilhelmina. c. the trade unions in protest against the further reduction of the food allocation carried out a 24-hour work in peace strike in Bavaria in
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Welt im Film 147/1948

01 mountain stream free of the ice. Mountain Brook flows through the snow. Woman knocks beds on the balcony of a farmhouse, totally. Farmer behind the plough pulled by two oxen. Snowdrops. There is a flock of sheep with lambs. Lamb drinking at the[…]
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Welt im Film 165/1948

01 565.000 working hours: mangosteen drawbridge reopened after almost 3 year construction was the longest and highest bridge in Bavaria, the Mangfall viaduct, restored after. SS troops destroyed the building completely pointless in May 1945, after
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Welt im Film 174/1948

1 Berlin: Flying freight cars as a blockade runner in houses aircraft flying at, is landing in Tempelhof. Landing the C 82. discharging. (21 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany a. Forchheim: Tobacco Institute tobacco fields. Women harvest tobacco.[…]
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Welt im Film 175/1948

away on a boat. Defused bombs are blown up in secluded area. Mine on the coast. Shotfirers expands its detonator. Mine is burned out. (53 m) 07. The little ones and the smallest a. Bavaria: images of children school lunch for President Truman's drawings
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Welt im Film 187/1948

01. for months: "sustained mild and dry" Calendar December 14. Mountain Lake in Bavaria without water. Dried-out riverbed. Power plant with low water levels. Low water level of the Lake Walchen power plant. Newspaper clippings power lock
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Welt im Film 231/1949

goes through tunnels. Medicated water flows from the tap. Man in bath in the Spa. Woman in bathtub. (21 m) c. Munich: bike bag woman grabs a bike out of his pocket and puts it together. Wife rises to bike and drives. (20 m) d. Bavaria: Sandpiper
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