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Welt im Film 3/1945

1st unconditional surrender of Italy: General Vittinghoff and General of the SS Wolf at the signing of the unconditional surrender. Lieutenant General Morgan signed for the allies. German generals in civilian clothes to leave the room. Surrender[…]
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Welt im Film 6/1945

. Destroyed apartment blocks, Rhein bridge, destroyed in the water hanging. (73 m) 04 Bergen-Belsen. The end of outside barracks. Inner Hall with superimposed provided beds and sick. Doctors treat patients. Soldiers wear body in a rug to the mass grave. Dead
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Welt im Film 26/1945

rope with reduced speed for landing. The start takes place in the same way. (21 m) 09 Belsen and Nuremberg defendants from Belsen enter the courtroom. "The beast of Belsen" Josef Kramer, as defendant no. 1, great in the picture. It follows the female
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