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Messter-Woche 6/1915

1 subtitles: Berlin: the anniversary S.M.. of the German Emperor, a tribute concert was Instead of at the victory column. Image: tribute concert on the occasion of the 56th birthday Kaiser Wilhelms II. on the 27.01.1915; Playing Chapel, musician in
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Riesenflugzeuge der Zeppelin-Werke in Berlin-Staaken bei Spandau

1 subtitles: The release of the giant aircraft out of the Hall. Image: giant aircraft "R.XIVa / R. 71" men of several moves from right to left from the airship hangar and moves on the tarmac. 2. subheads: Ride to the start. Image: The crew enters[…]
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conquered enemy tank. Picture: Demonstration of the captured British tank "F 41" before representatives of the press in Berlin; Detail shots of the tank; Soldiers consider English tank grenade. 20 subheads: Batum: the Russian trading steamer drilled by the
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Messter-Woche 45/1918

1 subtitles: on October 31, the Berlin hurdle race over serious cracks found Instead of in Karlshorst. Price 102000 MK., range 4400 meters. The race was won by the surprise winner "Cormoran". Special recordings of our rapporteur. 2. subheads: war
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Rentier Kulicke's Flug zur Front

; Karp arrives; He behaves quite grouchy, complains about his beer and his "convening order for patriotic service in the Adlershof, Berlin service commencement to the 23.10.1918 Flugzeugmeisterei" then displays the Stammtisch brothers; the Stammtisch
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Welt im Film 2/1945

. Under the present laughing General Eisenhower. Eisenhower receives the signature pins. Berlin: 8.5.1945: field marshal Keitel salute enters the room with the Marshal's baton. Marshal Zhukov reads the terms of surrender. Keitel signed. General von
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Welt im Film 3/1945

allies. Eisenhower, laughing, great. Berlin: 8 May 1945: field marshal Keitel and Marshal Zhukov. Zhukov reads the terms of surrender. General von Friedeburg. General Carl Spaatz of the US air force. Marshal Arthur Tedder of the British air force, de
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Welt im Film 8/1945

the arms of Big Sisters. Sisters lead workers in a barrack for the investigation. An older woman Gets a neck bandage. Foreign workers are in the district. Music band playing, young people dance. (50 m) 6th Allied Control Commission meets Berlin House
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Welt im Film 12/1945

) 02. Fields flooded in the flooded Holland and houses. Pumping equipment on the Dutch coast to be repaired and start to work again. (? m) 03. The allies in Berlin final battle in Berlin. Russian tanks. Street fighting. Debris. Charging soldiers. The
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Welt im Film 13/1945

, American and British flags flown on tall masts. Prime Minister Churchill comes with the plane and is greeted by General Montgomery. Minister Eden comes with the plane and strides off the front. Pictures of the ruins of Berlin. People drink coffee in the
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Welt im Film 14/1945

Berlin Winston Churchill passes to soldiers. British troops parading. Field marshal Montgomery stands next to Churchill. Potsdamer Park. Foreign Minister Molotow in conversation with former British Foreign Secretary Eden. The round table conference
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Welt im Film 19/1945

01 Berlin today debris in Berlin. Facade of the Sports Palace and Interior. Destroyed environment of the Brandenburg Gate. Ruined house fronts. Clean-up work. Queue in front of the building of the military Government. Newspaper-reading man
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Welt im Film 21/1945

1 Berlin: Allied Control Commission Marshal Zhukov come to Berlin and progresses from the honor guard. General Eisenhower comes. Greeting, great in the picture. General King comes as France's representative. Field marshal Montgomery greets the flag
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Welt im Film 24/1945

. Enlightened, revolving carousel. (28 m) 02 Berlin: prelude to the trial participants of the International Court of Justice arrive in Berlin. They study files and conduct negotiations. (22 m) 03 United States - storm wind on Florida Sturmgepeitschte poplar
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Welt im Film 27/1945

across the Pacific a stratosphere balloon after landing. American soldiers jump out of a truck and go through the forest. An officer inspected the explosive charge on the balloon. She will be removed and transported away. (26 m) 5th Berlin - the judges of
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Welt im Film 28/1945

and bring them to the blades. (34 m) 5th Berlin - nomads which city is a Berlin train station crowded with refugees, sitting with their possessions. A train with refugees on the running boards and car roofs. return (40 m) 06. Florida - Danish sailing
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Welt im Film 31/1945

the total, with interpreters. The verdict is read. (33 m) 04 Berlin - taking debris from Berlin Stork, half total. Children play in a car wreck and in the ruins, half total. Stork vehicles large sign sign up here. Children are injected by sisters with
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Welt im Film 33/1945

. (42 m) 8th Berlin images the Russian War Memorial in West Berlin, total. Allied troops during the opening half total. Russian troops parading half total. Marshal Zhukov, big, greeting. Parade of British troops, half total. Inscription of the monument
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Welt im Film 34/1946

the highway bridge over the Teltow Canal in Berlin. General Barker (half total). Sign "Hamlin Bridge". Two cars drive over the bridge (total). View of the bridge (half total). (45 m) 11 fashion art in the Lecture Hall of Los Angeles - fashion artists
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Welt im Film 35/1946

for Germany landing an airplane (total). Berlin Tempelhof. From the hatch, men lifting boxes (half total). Great inscription "Penicillin". A medical panel hear statements of the treatment method to (half-total). The American doctor (large). Syringe and
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