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UFA-Dabei 979/1975

This technique: Biblis A in Betrieb ' I think that with the great NPP of Biblis A in our country nuclear power from the time of the testing, if I may say so,- or the fumbling attempts has grown out to a powerful expanding energy sources. Here
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Deutschlandspiegel 248/1975

get up on the wall. Walking exercises with child on crutches. 02. opening of the Biblis Nuclear power plant construction of the dome. Minister of Economic Affairs Friderichs speaks at the opening: "I believe that with the large NPP of Biblis A in our
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Deutschlandspiegel 260/1976

Children's village. Mrs. Sadat, laughing big surrounded by children. Little girl wearing Arab Cap. Biblis: Sadat visited the currently largest nuclear power plant in the world. Sadat and the men of his escort with protective helmets. Construction of the
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