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Welt im Film 153/1948

[...] contributions by the population of England. 02. Actualities in Brief: a. Judge Attestation In Frankfurt o/Main Dr. Herbert Ruscheweyh was sworn in as first president of the German High Court of Justice in the Bi-Zone. The German Court will be responsible for
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Welt im Film 182/1948

Germany a. strike in the Bizone because inflation posters of trade unions. Stilliegende ships. Cinema closed. Trams in the depot. Stilliegende winding towers. Move of the unions and rally. (25 m) b. Furth, Bavaria: passing Czech goods wagons for Germany in
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Welt im Film 190/1949

01 new ideas Munich painter: exhibition on the Street - painter plays organ. Exhibition on the road. Sales of lots. Painter in big straw shoes. Images. Düsseldorf: Painter paints cityscapes on scarves. Transfer the pressure on the fabric. Silk[…]
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Welt im Film 193/1949

01. the Earth trembles aerial photos of Marie islands of a Mexican penal colony in the Pacific. People carry furniture out of House. Earthquake. Houses to collapse. People run on the road. Prisoners hold art treasures from devastated Church after[…]
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Welt im Film 195/1949

01 news from Germany a. Hamburg: penicillin production men in the production. Manufacturing process. Man considered tubes. Men in front of microscope. Penicillin in bottles. (21 m) river bed dried out b. waterways without water. Level 2 m above[…]
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Welt im Film 196/1949

vegetables harvesting the Bizone. Not later than 8 hours after the harvest, the food will be frozen. An almost unlimited shelf life is achieved without the addition of chemicals. Taste, nutritional value, flavour and especially the so important to the human
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