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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 873/1966

01 Blackpool: Congress of conservative Hotel Imperial, total. Heath, close to half. Heath get in car. Conservative delegates upon arrival. Meeting/banquet facilities, total. Heath talks, half-close. 02. Carnival of the Sorbs in the Spreewald forest
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 976/1968

of old houses. Modern high residential buildings prefabricated. Horticultural exhibition. Terrain. Rose, great. Integrating exhibition, half-close. 02. Blackpool: Labour Party Conference coast. Dance Hall as a meeting place. Protesters with placards
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UFA-Dabei 637/1968

feeding computer with data of the operation. Recording on punch cards. The costs and revenues of the company are calculated. Bauer considers profit. (31 m) 04. Blackpool: Labour Party Conference coast. Road from Blackpool. Dance Palace as a meeting house
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