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Welt im Film 217/1949

from Germany a. Berlin: appearance of the Paris Boys Choir poster of Paris Boys Choir. Audience in the Corso. The choir sing "on the bridge of Avignon". (27 m) b. Bochum: exhibition "miners draw, paint, model" pictures of Ruhr landscape with smoking
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Welt im Film 224/1949

01 Katholikentag in Bochum rally, in the background winding towers. Feed of the priest. Cardinal Frings speaks, half-close. Transmission of a message from Pope Pius, original sound. "As a pledge of we give you all the power of your meeting under the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 65/1951

. Beer kegs are rolled. (22 m) 08 Bochum: German art Gymnastics Championships 1951 Helmut Bantz turns on the rings and will be the winner of this unit. Dr. Kolb as a spectator, large. Adalbert Dan Hat turns on the horizontal bar and becomes the winner
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 144/1952

1 Bochum: peace bells for Hiroshima passing the bells of the German Jesuit mission in Japan. Father speaks o-ton: "German workers of the Bochum Association have formed steel, the material of the war, a Messenger of peace. Bells, which will be
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Welt im Bild 46/1953

his father nervenkranken. Hussein is from the front of the stand. 05. Bochum: 75th birthday August Schmidt, Union mining bouquet and sign 75 years at the desk by August Schmidt. August Schmidt, great birthday post reads. Write "sincerely. Her devoted
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 279/1955

, Khrushchev and Tito sit. (14 m) 05. Bochum: upper Silesians day - displaced persons meeting March displaced persons associations with chapel, costume, and emblems. Federal Minister for all-German Affairs, Jakob Kaiser gets presented by young girl braided
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Welt im Bild 180/1955

from Hill. Fall. (31 m) 11 Bochum: International swimming competitions 100 m crawl ladies: swimming and turning. It wins Greetje Kraan / Holland in 1.06,4 minutes. Audience clapping. 100 m crawl men: start jumping, swimming, turn. Ballard, Karlsruhe and
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UFA-Wochenschau 53/1957

Youth Festival breakdown from NDW 392/5: Grand Parade of young people. Waving from cars. Opening ceremony. Invasion of the participants. Picture of Nasser is borne by the Egyptian delegation. 06. Bochum: captive flight Championships aircraft models
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 483/1959

:3 spectators total. St. Mirren shoots 1-0 through Bryceland. 2nd half: St. Mirren shoots 2 more goals to 3-0. Shortly before the end of the game, Baird shoots the Ehrentor for Aberdeen. Jubilation. Cup will be presented. 11 Bochum: Amateur road race Grand Prix
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 502/1959

. Uwe Seeler was able to improve the result to 3-2. Then a great promotional game for the football was over. Gymnastics: Under the old sign "Fresh, pious, happy, free" participants at the German Gymnastics Championships in Bochum met 1200. 24 several
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UFA-Wochenschau 221/1960

alley Bochum the 1st fully automatic bowling alley of in Germany Kai Fischer and Willy Millowitsch. Neon exterior: Tattersall bowling and bowling great. Kai Fischer band cuts through, Willy Millowitsch Golden Ball with cone, Kai Fischer shakes a cone
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 650/1962

. upcoming approach Burnus carrier, close, Saud, in corner of Diwans sitting, big, at frdl. Entertainment with BU. -Pres.. Sharpening & and. Men's. -07 Bochum. Foundation stone laid for the Ruhr University. -Div. once. stehd. Spectators, including masons
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UFA-Wochenschau 327/1962

. Bochum. Animal human Baldur thrust Jackson. -The fenced plot m. vl. posters, sign on tree "CL. donation f. d. animals", A few men's money To give into it, Shack with primit. Inscriptions, seeing people through & through fence, thrust rink the numerous
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 829/1965

1 Bochum: art gymnastics competition as a test for the World Cup hand from Turner rings (title underground). Lothar Simon turns on the rings. Willi Jaschek on the pommel horse. Helmut Tebasse on the parallel bars, ZL. Günter Lyhs on the horizontal
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Hochschule, Herd der Unruhe was wollen die Studenten?

. Voting and counting. Alexander Mitscherlich holds lecture. Pan across snow roofs. Forklifts on the construction site. Man with a Jackhammer. Bochum: Students rise in upper floor window and let fly from stem paper planes. Rector Professor Biedenkopf
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UFA-Dabei 739/1970

Exhibition: Automotive: Mercedes cars, BMW. Plays of light. 04. Bochum: Neues vom film Atlantis theater people go to the movies. Questionnaire will be distributed. Crowded 饺子馆 foyer. Poster: decoration contest. Posters and photos will be attached to the wall
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UFA-Dabei 825/1972

. Visit to the construction site. Mannheim: aerial view of the neighborhood bird Tang with high-rise buildings. Kassel: the Gesamthochschule balloon. Offenbach: The new City Hall. Bochum: Centre for Trade Union work and adult education, driving record
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Deutschlandspiegel 372/1985

space. Churches in Augsburg. Artistic interiors. 2000 year celebration of the city. Exhibition with artefacts from two Millenia. The Fuggerhaus. Birthplace of Bert Brecht. Market. DOM. Glass window. Long shot. (57 m) 06. Bochum: Herbert Grönemeyer at the
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