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Welt im Film 310/1951

: fashion show Jaques Desses Atlantic mannequins go on runway. Dress with apron-like rock. Evening dress with detachable skirt. Audience clapping. Evening dresses. (20 m) d. Bologna: Italian Shoes Shoe fashion (17 m) 05 sport: a. Munich riem: airfield racing
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Welt im Film 356/1952

the form of loop. Striped hat. Cap. (20 m) b. Bologna: Shoe fashion shoes are available in various decorations or displayed. Shoe with a thick sole made of crocodile leather. Laced shoe. High-heeled shoes. Evening shoes. (22 m) 06. colorful image
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Welt im Bild 213/1956

horse and tries to capture his horse Todrai. Viewers watch through binoculars. After a delay start and race. In the HomeStretch, comes from the 3rd position Ribot to front and WINS with 5 length lead. The Italian winning horse runs. 14 Bologna
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 339/1956

kissed by young girls. 10 Bologna: heavyweight boxing for the European Soccer Championship: Francesco Cacicchi from striking Heinz Neuhaus violently attacking knock Cabicchi. Neuhaus counters sent. First balanced battle. In the 9th round, Neuhaus has for
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 617/1961

), 2 guards do orang-utan, Orang-nutter is admired, close with baby. 09 Bologna. Beinschönheits competition:-men in white Jakett and Lady deals on display area (in the background on each. {Tables legs of applicants + audience} A few bemused spectators
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 623/1962

01 Bonn. Adenauer's new year's speech. -Palais Schaumburg behind trees, half-dead. Main portal, big, top clock image filling (pointer to 5 min. before 2. 00). Adenauer table sitting close, talking about (original sound) (see narration) - hands[…]
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