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Welt im Film 9/1945

Bank building. Military Court: Judges and assessors examine a gun. Audience and defender. Defendant will be interrogated before the judges table, next to him is the interpreter. American judge. (85 m) 07 Beethoven collection returns to Bonn back from a
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Welt im Film 106/1947

torn-apart families." (49 m) 02-120th anniversary Ludwig van Beethoven's birthplace of Beethoven in Bonn, total. Visitors to the House. Bust of Beethoven with a wreath in the attic room. Living room of the family. Memorial room. Beethoven-image by
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Welt im Film 150/1948

. Bonn: Football: University of Bern - University of Bonn the teams run onto the pitch. Game scenes. Goalkeeper keeps. Audience clapping. Shot on goal. (26 m) 04. Berlin: packages churning women get packages from wagons and sort them into carts. Packages
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Welt im Film 172/1948

01 Bonn: 1st meeting of the Parliamentary Council flags before the Alexander König Museum. Prime Minister Arnold gives the opening speech, total. Among those present, the representatives of the three Western military governors and Theodor Heuss, and
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Welt im Film 190/1949

. (18 m) c. United States: camera developed photos man photographed. Images are being developed in the camera. Finished photo comes from camera. (15 m) 5th letters to Bonn: how is the flag? Consultation of the Parliamentary Council. Carlo Schmid, half
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Welt im Film 207/1949

, friends! The Parliamentary Council in Bonn is the invitation to Berlin from inner heart urge and filled with gratitude for your struggle for your suffering, for your patience, which has now led to the victories." People filling picture. Luise Schröder
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Welt im Film 219/1949

01 updates soon a. funeral ceremony for victims of the air bridge English, French and American flag colours. Ceremony at the airfield Fassberg. Honor parade in front of senior officers of the occupying powers. (22 m) b. Switzerland: tennis Drobný[…]
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Welt im Film 224/1949

. The American team with the Cup. (49 m) 05. The opening of Parliament in Bonn artisan construction in Chamber. Cleaning women in the Federal Parliament. Flags in front of the Federal House. Karl Arnold at the lectern as President of the Bundesrat. Carlo
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Welt im Film 225/1949

airplane in the Bristol works. Giant wing. Aircraft rolls to the start of the first trial flight. Start, great. Flight with 4 engines. Landing. (36 m) 7th Bonn: election of the Federal President Theodor Heuss Chamber, deputies in the presidential election
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Welt im Film 226/1949

01 Bonn: Government deputies in the Chamber completed - occupation statute instead of military Government. Dr. Köhler at the swearing-in of the Ministers. Dr Adenauer for swearing, original sound. "I swear to God, so help me God." Petersberg: Guard
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Welt im Film 227/1949

01 Federal Festival in Bonn Germany welcomes its Federal President. Flags of the Federal Republic on the houses in Bonn. The Lord Mayor of Bonn talks about the Town Hall. Heuss, half close, as a listener. Relay races from countries bring
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Welt im Film 234/1949

representation. (23 m) b. Dean Acheson in Bonn and Berlin, Acheson goes to the train station upon arrival in addition to Adenauer. Acheson welcomes German politicians, including Schumacher. Reception in the Godesberg Redoute with Acheson, Heuss, Adenauer, McCloy
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Welt im Film 242/1950

01 Minister of Foreign Affairs Schumann in Germany Schumann is out front by French troops in Mainz. Visiting Professor Heuss amounting to Victor. Car drives forward. Police officer greets, large. Schumann in conversation with Heuss, half-close.[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 3/1950

against Vietminh rebels) (26 m) 02 New Delhi: Proclamation of the independent Republic of Dr. Rajendra Prasad shall take an oath as first President of India. Image of Gandhi. Congratulations to Prasad. 03. Bonn: Demonstration against increase in the
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Welt im Film 246/1950

01 Marshall revolving globe. ERP-Minister Dr. Blücher, large, and Vice Chancellor talks before his departure in the United States, original sound. "I hope I will Very much many Americans, above all, the Lords of the Marshall plan administration,[…]
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Welt im Film 247/1950

01. from March 1-11 registration of all POWs and missing pan across City Hall. Poster for the missing message. Women and men, great To give off message. Working Hollerithmaschinen sort messages. Men look at posters. Heuss, big, sitting at the desk[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 5/1950

01 75th birthday of Dr. Hans Böckler Dr. Bachicha speaks with workers on the street. (10 m) 2 Berlin: dismantling of the monument of Kaiser Wilhelm I in the pleasure garden, the monument is canceled. Lie on the ground. The head is transported with[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 6/1950

). Model of the port. Harbour cruise. Heuss in the Senate launch. Equip. Heuss gets out. Heuss during tour of the port, next to him Brauer and Schiller. Cranes for loading. (52 m) 02 Bonn: Heuss receives the English Publisher and writer Victor Gollancz
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 9/1950

Heads the new German newsreel of the day attended the press - and information Office of the Federal Government, with its line a guarded official of the former Prussian government, fire, was commissioned in Bonn. -Left Federal press Chief fire in
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 10/1950

01 interview Dr. Adenauer reporter DW interviewed Dr. Adenauer about his plans in the near future. The Bundeshaus in Bonn. O-ton: Reporter: "We ask you, Mr Federal Chancellor Dr. Adenauer, to tell us something about the plans for the next time
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