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Welt im Film 4/1945

01 after the war Bremen: town image in tatters. Damaged ships in the harbour. The Europe bombs damaged at the wharf. La Rochelle: People cheering: returning soldiers are jubilantly welcomed. German prisoners of war and traitor of his country
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Welt im Film 45/1946

01 American cotton for Germany freighter in the port of Bremen (half total). Cotton bale from the hold with a crane (total). Bales of cotton (large). Textile spinning machines (half total). Workers of spinning machines (half total). (25 m) 02
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Welt im Film 49/1946

1 Hoover in Warsaw and Vienna aircraft after landing (large). Streets of Warsaw (total), Hoover (half total). Polish children (large). Hoover goes through the rubble of the city (total). Polish woman with headscarf (large). Hoover speaks with the[…]
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Welt im Film 83/1946

measuring instruments in the cockpit. Launch of the aircraft and flight. (21 m) 4 wheat from America cranes, and ship in the port of Bremen. Men loading of wheat bags. Crane lifts wheat bags, great. The bags are lowered before a train. Moving freight train
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Welt im Film 85/1947

ended with the British farewell: (original sound) 05. Irish cattle for Berlin also helps Ireland. Berlin's food situation to improve. The first transport of 200 Irish cattle arrived the steamer "Travemünde" in the port of Bremen. The "Travemünde", which
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Welt im Film 87/1947

01. the campaign against hunger in Bremen cranes transport goods to freight trains. Men loading the boxes into trains. The boxcar door is pulled. Locomotive is large. Moving freight train. Barges in the port of Frankfurt/Main. Jib crane transported
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Welt im Film 97/1947

. Competition of the best singers. Canary in the cage, large. Judges from cages in evaluation. Prizes and cups on the table. (23 m) 04 flood everywhere destroyed bridge into the Weser. Destroyed Truman bridge and railway bridge near Bremen, Germany. Tree
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Welt im Film 102/1947

-filling. (39 m) 03 Bremen today rubble of Bremen. People come from the ship. Tram runs through debris. The market square with historical buildings. The Roland. The Town Hall. The Cathedral. People go through the Böttcherstraße. The train station. COP, big
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Welt im Film 115/1947

, Baker, butcher, Carpenter. (28 m) b. Bremen: fat from the United States of spitting fat is loaded into crates from the ship. Goods are transported by a giant crane to railway wagons. US flag ship. Barrels to crane, great. (23 m) c. Munich: Bavarian State
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Welt im Film 116/1947

1st caring for injured disabled in self-propelled wheelchairs. Disabled sit in wheelchairs and are used in. East Frisia: war invalids work retraining village - in the nursery. Dinner bell is rung. Disabled go door-to-door. At the door writing[…]
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Welt im Film 123/1947

Vogt boxes to sandbag. Hein ten Hoff shows correct box position. Training battle of young boxers. (38 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany as Bremen: dredging and suction for the dredging of the industrial port carbon from the Weser. Residents stand in the
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Welt im Film 124/1947

01 streiflichter from Germany a. Berlin: iron Lung in the fight against polio doctors before the portal of Auguste Viktoria hospital. American doctors with an iron lung for the fight against of polio. Iron lung. Patients in iron lungs. Mrs. Clay[…]
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Welt im Film 125/1947

1 Bremen: An anniversary of cotton cotton is loaded at the port in bales. Men take samples of the bales of cotton. The cotton Exchange in Bremen, outside and inside. Men check the quality of the cotton. The Bremen arms, large, carved in stone
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Welt im Film 135/1947

them. Stewardeß helps travelers up the aircraft stairs. Captain leads old woman. Aircraft stairs is driven away. Waving the remaining members. (18 m) c. Bremen: Inauguration of the new Weser bridge Mayor Kaysen on lectern when passing the bridge for
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Welt im Film 144/1948

01 streiflichter from Germany a. Munich: Murray van Wagoner opened guide dog school van Wagoner, half-close. Blind dogs. Blind man with large glasses. Shepherd, great. Shepherd goes into complete cars. Blind man's dog in the snow. (25 m) b. Bremen
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Welt im Film 147/1948

factory. Electric Motors on the production line. (25 m) 04. Bremen: the Philharmonic Orchestra of Kriegsbeschädigten injured musicians sit at the table and To write notes. Men in community shelters at the shave, ironing and maintain their instruments. Men
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Welt im Film 148/1948

umbrellas. Transparent with Berliner Bär 1848-1948-100 years fight of democracy. (44 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany a. friendship train from United States ship Gretna victory driving. Sacks are unloaded in Bremen. The friendship with goods from USA train
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Welt im Film 152/1948

village Worpswede In the lonely Teufelsmoor in Bremen is the famous artist village Worpswede. 2 generations, painters and poets have given its special character this place. Well-known names such as Professor Mackensen, Rainer Maria Rilke and Paula
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Welt im Film 176/1948

. Bremen: Hotel ship gurnard guests at the reception, in the dining room and walking on deck. (16 m) b. Travemünde: Hotel ship Kilwa guests go on deck about Jetty. (5 m) c. Hamburg: Hotel ship Seute Dahir the Seute Dahir at the port. People go aboard. Views
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Welt im Film 178/1948

01 Hamburg and Bremen: Swedish athletes at the start of the invasion of the athletes. Swedish flags in the stadium. Hurdling, pole vault, hammer thrower. 1500 m run. Lennart Beach, Sweden, WINS by a wide margin and runs through the target. (33 m) 02
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