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Welt im Film 11/1945

, before American flag. President Truman Eisenhower gives an order. Eisenhower medal clasp, great. War veteran runs behind the car and are a big key as a gift to Eisenhower. Ticker-tape parade on Broadway. People lined the street. (50 m) 02 Bremerhaven
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Welt im Film 13/1945

01 band parade by King Hakon Allied troops marching. A child gives a soldier a bouquet of flowers. Parading troops and armoured vehicles. King Hakon stands in the District of more in the gallery. Marching soldiers, laterally great. Flower tank[…]
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Welt im Film 14/1945

Hall. The Defender talks. (54 m) 7th Bremerhaven - UNRRA relief for Europe bags are loaded onto a ship. The Swedish ship Gripsholm on the quay. A herd of cattle is shipped. The cattle go one by one the gangplank into the ship. An excavator working in
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Welt im Film 25/1945

ruins. (34 m) 07 Bremerhaven - Federal Commander Kuhn returns home the ship Winchester victory on the wharf in Bremerhaven. Fritz Kuhn, President of the German American Bund, leaves uncertain the ship. He is with 14 employees on a truck and drove off
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Welt im Film 214/1949

." Among the listeners, Luise Schröder and Suhr, half-close. Ernst Reuter reveals road sign "Platz der Luftbrücke". (54 m) 2 new from the Waterkant a. Bremerhaven: trawler from America three American fishing boats in Bremerhaven. Captain of Jeff's passes
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 17/1950

1st mine disaster on Bill Dahlbusch in Gelsenkirchen newspaper headline of the accident. On Tower flag at half mast. Red Cross car drives. Waiting women. (27 m) 02 Bremerhaven: fishery "Monkey" the moving ship. Radio room with two-way radio and
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Welt im Film 261/1950

black armbands. Coffins to the cemetery. Wreath loop a last Glückauf. (22 m) 2 new from the Waterkant a. Bremerhaven: German fishing fair model of fishing boats on the water. Ship model. Fish processing plant. Packaging of fish. (20 m) b. Cuxhaven
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Welt im Film 264/1950

. streiflichter from Germany a. prelude to the Kieler Woche sailing yacht launches in Bremerhaven to offshore yacht race. Sailing boats on the sea at the mouth of the Weser. Sailboat, large. (19 m) Munich: Italian fashion mannequin introduces Beach jacket. Wide
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Welt im Film 289/1950

ERP. (15 m) c. Bremerhaven: 200,000 DP-Auswanderer ship in the harbour. People go across bridge to ship. Woman from Latvia as Expat with their 4 children receives 200,000 DP bouquet. (12 m) d. Berlin: Demonstrations against Werner Kraus posting of the
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Welt im Film 313/1951

Bremerhaven. Soldiers leaving ship. Photographers and cameramen. Reception of the troops. Soldiers salute. (37 m) 5th sport a. Munich: Canoe regatta paddlers on the ISAR, one and two. Translate military boat. Eugen Füss, MTV Munich, WINS in the a. Goiter
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Welt im Film 320/1951

rises in front of the Parliament building from car and entering the building. (10 m) c. Bremerhaven: arrival of the 2nd US Armored Division Troopship in Bremerhaven. Military band plays. General mobile is on the ship and the troops. Soldiers salute. (18
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Welt im Film 330/1951

, because behind her stand alone war and bondage." (28 m) d. Bremerhaven: 500 immigrants from Transylvania drive displaced persons with suitcases before emigration to the United States. Go to the ship. (14 m) e. Munich: National Party Congress of the FDP
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Welt im Film 332/1951

of Foreign Affairs Webb. Handshake fat Webb. (13 m) d. Munich: new shortwave transmitters for Hungary of the transmitter of "Free Europe" speakers speaking at inauguration of the transmitter. Hungarian speakers, original sound. (14 m) e. Bremerhaven
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Welt im Film 334/1951

convinced, all over Germany would be a Russian satellite state long." (16 m) b. Bremerhaven: increase troop numbers from the United States soldiers leave troop. General welcomes mobile troops. (7 m) c. Fürstenfeldbruck: Undersecretary of the US air force Mr
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Welt im Film 336/1951

. (26 m) 03 updates soon a. Bremerhaven: ship collision U.S. troop - Argentinian MS of American troop ship General Hersey with front bug cracked up is introduced in Weser estuary, great. Shipwrecked of the Argentine motor vessel Maipú in Bremerhaven. (21
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Welt im Film 339/1951

cook on top of stove outdoors. Helicopter. Aerial view of the flooding area. (44 m) 03 Rotterdam and Bremerhaven: Atlantic - army grows flags in Rotterdam. Eisenhower speaks to Canadian troops, half-close. Soldiers March past at Eisenhower. Eisenhower
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Welt im Film 343/1951

- 294 d. 291 c. Adenauer WIF speaks to the German conversations - WIF Grothe welfare proposal signing of the Schuman plan - WIF 308 e. demonstrations for return of prisoners of war - WIF 310 g. f. arrival of 4 US divisions in Bremerhaven - WIF 313
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Welt im Film 348/1952

in stand. (23 m) e. Bremerhaven: arrival of American air force units US flag ship. Military band plays. General Norstadt welcomed the troops upon arrival, half-close. Norstadt shaking hands with soldiers, great. (15 m) f. Korea: US ships for Korea
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Welt im Film 349/1952

dance Olympic Round. (20 m) c. Bremerhaven: students go to study trip the United States ship America at the wharf, big. Students go to ship. Student speaks, o-ton: "We are pleased that we have the opportunity as German students at an American University
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Welt im Bild 3/1952

airlift Memorial the 3 Western commanders and Ernst Reuter lay wreaths at the monument of the airlift. The monument, great swing. Wreaths and wreath loop, great. (15 m) 7th Bremerhaven: German emigrants from the East of the Bremen overseas home Bremen
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