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Städte an der Westfront

Brussels: triumphal arch, Manneken piss, market square and theatre; Antwerp: City Hall, railway station; and port; Ghent: Channels with historic buildings; Zeebrugge: aerial photographs of the pier and the town; Drive along the breakwater; Removal
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Welt im Film 32/1945

the statue of liberty.(Good attitude). Sailors cast wreaths and flowers overboard, half total. Officers salute. Floating wreaths on the sea. (34 m) 5th Brussels celebrates Churchill driving wagon train, totally. Young people in the branches of a tree
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Welt im Film 124/1947

-close. The magician Marvelli in his workshop. He conjures up with cards. He introduces the rope trick. Marvelli with the floating bar. (43 m) 02 sport a. Brussels: football international match Belgium - England 2:5 scenes, totally. English player shoots 0
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Welt im Film 149/1948

01 Brussels: Signing of the five power Treaty the Palais des academies, half-close. The Foreign Ministers from England, France, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg together sitting, totally. The contract is signed by the Foreign Ministers of Spaak
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Welt im Film 198/1949

large policy a. Wyschinskij of new Foreign Minister Russia's Molotov, big, Wyschinskij as a representative of the UN speech. (20 m) b. Brussels: Churchill at rally of the European movement of Churchill as a guest of honor, large, with cylinder. Police
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 9/1950

Story 1 and 2:22 m 01 Federal press and information Office is federal press Chief fire in the garden in a conversation with his Deputy Dr. Böx. (22 m) 2 Stuttgart: Dr. Ferdinand Porsche from Austria Dr Porsche returned to Germany in addition to[…]
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Welt im Film 291/1950

come." Also my wish can be no other. He finds especially the bound still in captivity, the sick and the elderly, the homeless and the broken. My wish come tonite at the side of your desires." (20 m) News in brief a. Brussels: Conference of foreign and
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 49/1951

. The rocks of the island. Bombed island. The island crew with the European flag. (35 m) 04. Brussels: Eisenhower Commander-in-Chief of the NATO Conference in Brussels, Eisenhower, half close, speaks as new Commander of the NATO interview: "what we did
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Welt im Film 294/1951

01. the Europe travel General Eisenhowers Truman adopted by Eisenhower airfield, close to half. Eisenhower salute before aircraft. Plane taking off. Eisenhower in the Paris Conference. Meeting with Montgomery, total. Eisenhower's arrival in Brussels
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Welt im Film 299/1951

01 updates soon a. Santa Margherita: Conference of Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers of Italy and France train station. Greeting de Gaspari and Schuman, half-close. People with banners and posters for the European unit. (11 m) b. United[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 59/1951

German Bundestag." MPs rise. Adenauer Get up. Standing Schumacher, Ollenhauer, Carlo Schmid. (62 m) 02 Brussels: convicted General von Falkenhausen judge reads verdict (12 years imprisonment), Falkenhausen in the dock. (20 m) 03. England: Foreign
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Welt im Film 314/1951

Adenauer, Heuss and McCloy. Clap students. (18 m) b. Brussels: meeting of the Committee to combat concentration camps meeting hall. Occupant of Soviet concentration camps will be heard as witnesses. (14 m) c. New York: flight over the North Pole flying
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 78/1951

01 Lorelei: Young people in tent camps meet the European youth. Flags from many countries. Rally under the open sky. Dr. Hermann Ehlers speaks. Folk dance. Tractor drives past the Lorelei rock. (30 m) 02 Brussels: Baudouin I. King of the Belgians
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 103/1952

Erika Kraft from Garmisch. Pirouette. 09 Basel: Switzerland - Germany 15-3 ice hockey match game scenes. Shot on goal for the Switzerland. Falls. The Switzerland in the attack. Shot on goal for Germany. 10 Brussels: European Boxing Championships
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Welt im Film 354/1952

remote control - directly from the car. (c). Spanish folk dances in Brussels in Brussels showed the art of her old dances Spanish folk dancers from the island of Majorca. With castanets and Guitarrenklang, they conjured up the rhythm of their homeland on
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 117/1952

movement at the same time." Review of 1st of may: may parade of banners. May move to France. May procession and folk dances in Russia. Various may processions in East and West. 1932 – The May riots in Brussels. Military parade in Moscow on red square on May
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Welt im Bild 16/1952

) 7th Brussels: cards artist Tomanek Tomanek enters the Café and introduces Kartenkunststücke. He conjures up blank cards and let them disappear. Cards such as leaves fall from both hands. (21 m) 08 Amsterdam: driving instructor Ulk driving instructor is
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Welt im Bild 22/1952

General Ibanez is set to order sash. Eleanor Roosevelt congratulates Ibanez as the new President. Parade of the national army in Prussian parade step with white pants and pimples hoods. Parade of the ski Division. (14 m) 6 Brussels: engagement of Princess
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 151/1952

rotate. 06. Vienna: fur jewelry woman sitting in front of mirror on Earth with fur clip earrings and fur chain. Mannequin with fur clip earrings, Jaguar Choker and bracelet. Woman puts on Leopard glasses. Fur necklace for the evening. 07. Brussels
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 160/1953

m) 5th Brussels: dancers Cancan dance ball de la Monnaie Royal Opera. (20 m) 06. New York: dog show 4 white Bedlington Terrier, 4 Rauhaardackel, one pregnant itself on the other. 2 Afghans, in between little boy. Great Dane, from Chihuahua. Winner
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