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Welt im Film 10/1945

front of a building. (46 m) 03 Canada Super fortresses for America builds huge aircraft parts on a vehicle. In a factory, bombs Chambers are composed of men and women. Work on aircraft fuselages. Factory Hall. Flying Super fortress then lands. The
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Welt im Film 18/1945

the spotlight of Broadway and crowded streets. Canada: People laughing and waving. London: Dance on the street. Flags are waved. Illuminated by spotlights the St. Paul Cathedral, great. Front of the Buckingham Palace crowd. The Royal couple travels to
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Welt im Film 26/1945

Gallop (77 m) 10 Canada - through the fields. Canadian farmers, Cowboys and Indians in the conversation in a village. You ride, to capture the horses. Horse hunting. The herd swims across a river. She runs into a fence. The Cowboys start the horses with
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Welt im Film 35/1946

01 barracks are erected gold rush in Canada. Gold rush town (half total). Workers stand next to a small plane (half total). Indian women as observers (half total). Two gold diggers walk a dog on a Lake along (total). The diggers make rock samples
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Welt im Film 41/1946

morning. d. pictures from all over the world living room emergency anywhere. In Canada has converted a former armor plant in a big way on the production of prefabricated houses made of aluminium. When the House is finished, it folds for transport together
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Welt im Film 45/1946

also reverse rank on the airfield. The launch of the giant machine is very fast and smooth. The aim of the first flight is Canada. The aircraft can carry 52 passengers, and - as you can see - in a very pleasant way. There are washing and dressing rooms
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Welt im Film 78/1946

recorded. Boy on the farm helps when cutting. (54 m) 5th original from all over the world (80 m) a. trotting home machine in Florida start with a main machine and races. (11 m) b. Gallopers in Canada with official helicopter the official sitting in a
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Welt im Film 80/1946

01 Canada: Wood for the needs of the world, totally felled tree trunks. Wood rafters on tree trunks, floating on the river. Current congestion. The tribes through strudelndes water flow. Whirlpool, large. A rafters floating between the tribes and
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Welt im Film 126/1947

the world a. Canada: asbestos mine workers in asbestos removal with sample rock. Blasting of the rock. Cloud of smoke. Workers at the breakdown. Kleinbahn transported rock. (20 m) b. England: the "flying truck' transport plane lands. Tail is removed
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Welt im Film 138/1948

stairs in Prague - swivel the longest staircase in the world in Prague. Cars drive up the stairs to the test down and back. Motorcyclists drive down stairs and up. (22 m) b. Canada: felling tree trunks when transported to the sawmill. Sawing machine cuts
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Welt im Film 140/1948

. Marshall big speaks at annual meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate discussion of the European reconstruction programme of. Quote: "there is no doubt..." (44 m) 03 pictures from all over the world a. Canada: natural gas finds men in
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Welt im Film 142/1948

driver in the driver's cab. Workers communicate with crane operators with radio. The crane will be settled on an egg. (19 m) c. Canada: wild feeding deer goes through snow. Rangers bring food. Forester caresses deer. Men and wild at the feeding site. (? m
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Welt im Film 173/1948

." Quote "You know what, I ask you my carpentry workshop available." Men in the production of school desks with saw and planer. (36 m) 06 Canada: oil drilling site and drilling rigs. The oil gushing like a fountain from the Earth, and flooded land. Men To
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Welt im Film 196/1949

01 opening of Parliament in Canada first week pictures of the opening of Parliament. Parliamentarians clap at presentation of new members of Parliament. Troop presents. Arrival of Lord Alexander, the Governor of Canada. Lord Alexander in addition to
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Welt im Film 209/1949

chess master. Audience clapping. Chess match with live figures. (43 m) 03 Canada: sheep-shearing en Gros sheep on the pasture. Lamb drinking mother animal. Sheepdog. Sheepdog drives lamb. Flock is herded. Herd. Sheep are shorn. Bald sheep make jumps. (33
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Welt im Film 229/1949

Salon car on stands. Rover with innovative handle with button. Woman gets in sports car and stowed handbag in door. Studebaker, Mayflower turns on stand. (22 m) 04. Canada: A drama on the high seas - passenger ill spinal polio ship child suffering from
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Welt im Film 246/1950

. Berlin: output of cod liver oil in kindergartens children receive before dining in kindergarten a spoon cod liver oil by donations from UNICEF. (18 m) 04 pictures from all over the world a. Canada: model test for aircraft in wind tunnel model aircraft are
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Welt im Film 247/1950

01. from March 1-11 registration of all POWs and missing pan across City Hall. Poster for the missing message. Women and men, great To give off message. Working Hollerithmaschinen sort messages. Men look at posters. Heuss, big, sitting at the desk[…]
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Welt im Film 265/1950

reservoir. Water fall At night. (20 m) b. London: bear - young at the Zoo two young bears are fed with honey. Young bear run in the enclosure. (20 m) c. New York: young gorilla at the Zoo of young Gorilla will be bathed, dried and combed. (14 m) d. Canada
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 27/1950

billiards, car overturns. Spectator cover face. (18 m) 8 Canada: Iron Horse iron horse is refueled at gas station and runs with riders. Real horse smelled it. Iron Horse fell with rider. (28 m) 09 Florida: diving fun jumps from the diving Tower. Belly Flop
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