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Welt im Film 59/1946

(104 m) a. explosion in the mine near Celle salt mine near Celle (total). Debris from an explosion (half total). Men go with gas masks (total). The mine shaft (large). (24 m) b. Corpus Christi in Cologne Corpus Christi procession in Cologne (total
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Welt im Film 83/1946

01 streiflichter from Germany (91 m) a. railway accident near Celle lifting crane, total. Derailed train near Celle. Salvage squad overturned locomotive. Jib crane lift railway carriages. Workers repair tracks. You repair and lay Rails. Welders can
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Welt im Film 114/1947

01 Celle: vocational school for beekeepers Shield country bee Research Institute. Schoolgirl sitting in front of microscope. Artificial honeycomb wall. Students and teachers before flowering tree for practical lessons. Honeycomb is drawn from the
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Welt im Film 149/1948

cabins of bath. Guest hangs his jacket on hanger. Berlin: Hotel Adlon: debris truck passing with stones in front of the hotel. Car drives into the entrance of the hotel to the garage. Page brings luggage to room. Maid making bed. Celle: Rooms provide
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Welt im Film 155/1948

Neckar River. Paddler driving defined goals. Paddlers are aborted by boat on defense. Boat is ferried. (31 m) c. Celle: exhibition of Mandrakes collection reading room "The bridge". Figures from oddly shaped roots, the Mandrakes. "Hans IM Glück" with his
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Welt im Film 229/1949

England and the world. Famous images as templates for brands. (28 m) c. Celle Stallion parade Stallion running. Rider introduces Stallion. Carriage. Achtspänner. Equestrian riding quadrille. Jump over obstacles. Dressage. (25 m) 03 all sorts of PS a. The
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Welt im Bild 96/1954

lion triplets. 07. Freising / Bavaria: Schützenfest move of shooters through the city. Shooting competition in Halle. Woman shoots. Veterans with BART shooting. Results display. 08th Celle: German Fechtmeisterschaften women's foil: Marga Müller
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Welt im Bild 118/1954

cigarette and reads. After a short time, turn device and does laundry clean out of the water. 06. Italy: Pointers pointers on the hunting sneak up on prey and are still frozen. After launch, they bring the loot their Lord. 07. Celle. Stallions, Stallion
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UFA-Wochenschau 9/1956

begins to cover hatch with boards. 04. Celle: Visit of the Greek Royal couple between winkendem people trellis travels motorcade through Celle. Queen Friederike is greeted upon disembarking with a kiss on the hand. King Paul and Queen Friederike as a
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 766/1964

traces. He finds buried doll and pulls out her. Policeman Müller Arri attracts serving at the dog on a crane is raised. 07. Stallion parade in Celle. Face of a Celle Stud official. Horses before Einspännern go figure. Viewers (half close). A horse lies
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Deutschlandspiegel 299/1979

and a rowing boat with dolls. Remote control. Smiling spectators. Area of the garden fair, total. (55 m) 04. Youth Village Celle station Friedland. Train arriving. Emigrants disembark. Families on the way to the camp of Friedland. Camp Street. Clothing
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Deutschlandspiegel 300/1979

1st Castle Eltz aerial photos of castles on the Rhine. The Burg Eltz on the Moselle river. Paper banknote image filling. The Burg Eltz as a motif of the 500 DM note. Settings of the Castle. Visitors go to the Castle up to the tour. Indoor shots.[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 301/1979

1st year of the child (warning: partial archive material DSP 191, 192, 222, 225, 252, 257, 263, 286, 288, 298 please always check cut copy!) Asian child's face filling the screen. Children's faces close-up shots, laughing, crying. Child born on[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 302/1979

01 Viet Nam refugees in the Federal Republic of Viet Nam refugees and Rote-Kreuz-Schwestern with children on the arm coming down stairs. German fiancé in hand of young man. Viet Nam family on road of German small town Roteburg. Vietnamese to[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 304/1980

01 Haithabu - city on the sea front of 1000 years painting of the town of Hedeby on the Baltic Sea, which had been destroyed by war 930 years ago. Aerial view of protection Walles, who was at the time running around the city. Tourists and school[…]
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El Mundo al Instante 987/1981

historic Palace of the little town of Celle bajosajona Matta was the scene of an event that has had resonance beyond of the borders of the Federal Republic of Germany. Roberto Matta Echaurren, Chilean born resident in Europe, accepted here for the first
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Deutschlandspiegel 368/1985

01 City Portrait Celle Celle half-timbered houses. Camera trip. Pedestrian. Small shop. Board: anno 1532. beautiful house decorations built for Simon Hoppener. Riders of the Stud. Oil rig on the outskirts of the city. The Castle. Guided tour of the
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