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Welt im Film 18/1945

Japan. Reporter walk away with the message. Cheering crowds. A soldier is lifted onto the shoulders. Large headline in the newspaper Japan Surren Bagheri. Chicago: Cheering people on the street. San Francisco: shredded paper are thrown. In the Chinese
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Welt im Film 35/1946

vial (large). A man gets shot in the arm (half total). Penicillin packs obtained from a safe (half total). Sister (large) with penicillin bottle. (50 m) 03 Chicago - 50 years racing old-fashioned cars (Schnauferl) at the start (half total). Models of
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Welt im Film 42/1946

the water (total). The diver comes up (total). A man pours the sponges from the net (half total). Men enter with their feet on the sponges and douse them with water, to remove foreign objects (half total). (23 m) d. freestyle wrestling in Chicago
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Welt im Film 54/1946

total). The winning horse assault (half total). (35 m) d. bears in the Chicago Zoo bear reserve in the Chicago Zoo (half total). Mother bear and three boy (total). A little bear sitting on the back of his mother (half total). The two little bear side by
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Welt im Film 107/1947

Struhal against Zaveta the wrestler in the fight in the ring, big. Outerwear, Doppelnelson. Spectators, half-close. Ringer is a slap in the face. Referee intervenes. Result: Draw. Zaveta bows in the ring. (31 m) c. Chicago: largest gorilla of world Billy
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Welt im Film 110/1947

machines. Riding on the track. Spectators on the side of the road. Drivers in the curve. The winner of European champion Meier, BMW, goes through the target. Meier receives wreath, half-close. (39 m) b. Chicago: United States - Europe fight in the
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Welt im Film 118/1947

on his head. Young girls practicing real walking. Big shoes, big feet. Fashion show. (32 m) 04. Chicago: the Earth of 73 hours on aircraft flight record font Reynolds bombshell. Pilot William Odom, great. Start the machine. World map with trace of the
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Welt im Film 123/1947

. Dieckhut (N) in the floor exercises. Judges will show note 10 Ino Stangl on the horizontal bar. INO Stangl is best single Turner. South Germany WINS ahead of North Germany. (39 m) b. Chicago: American swimming - women's Cup Starter shoots. Start of the 100
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Welt im Film 136/1948

, large chimpanzee. Small animal. Animal caregiver with a small monkey. Chimpanzee hangs head down. It is dried after bath. Chicago: Cat sits in front of House. You will pop up on the wall and climbs through the letter box. Boy and girl face mailbox
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Welt im Film 151/1948

. Various summer dresses with long wide skirts. Spectators, half-close. Six transverse striped clothes. Plaid dress with white linen hat. Beach dress swimsuit. (28 m) c. United States: Hurricane people on the street in Chicago hold on to poles and ropes, to
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Welt im Film 183/1948

. Women at sewing machines. Suits on hook. Women in the sewing room. Man ironing. Shoemaker on machine for fastening soles and hacking. (55 m) 6th United States: 100 years of railway exhibition in Chicago. Old trains. Luxury train of the time. Streamline
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Welt im Film 256/1950

m) 03 sport a. London: European Championships in artistic roller skating runner. Freestyle European champion Baran/Falk. (20 m) b. Chicago: United States - Europe Amateur Boxing Boxer in the ring. Lightweight fight of Burroughs, United States
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 14/1950

again fresh and less nervous and less worked up to her family came back." (21 m) 03. Chicago: warehouse fire burning warehouse. Poet smoke and fires. (12 m) 4th Rome: the Countess on Arabian mare by Rome riding equestrian Countess Helene von Hohenau in
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Welt im Bild 3/1952

. Chicago: Party Convention of Republican - nomination of presidential candidate Party meeting. People with election posters of their candidates. Eisenhower laughing is congratulated after the election. Ingolstadt (17 m) 3rd: inauguration of the Danube
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 129/1952

sector border is secured shut-off. Juvenile sturgeon squad at the rally. Scuffle. Police officers in use. 04. Chicago: standing party Convention of Republican - nomination of the presidential candidates Eisenhower in car shakes hands of people. Robert
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 131/1952

Lilje. 03. Chicago: Nomination of democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson Party Convention. People carrying placards with the names of their candidates. The election result will be announced, original sound. Adlai Stevenson sitting in front of
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Welt im Bild 5/1952

son, Federal President Ehlers, Kopf President of the Federal Council, the Minister Blücher, Lukaschek and Erhard, Bundestag deputies walk behind the coffin. The coffin in turn is worn on the Bonn station to transfer to Stuttgart. (19 m) 05. Chicago
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 169/1953

. Adenauer and Lotte Adenauer at sightseeing tour. In the distance the Golden Gate Bridge. Chicago: Chicago skyscraper. Sign Hotel Bismarck. Adenauer in the company immediately. In the Town Hall, Adenauer is welcomed by Mayor Kennely. Total Chicago. Rotating
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Welt im Bild 43/1953

. Total San Francisco. Adenauer and Lotte Adenauer at sightseeing tour. In the distance the Golden Gate Bridge. Chicago: Chicago skyscraper. Sign Hotel Bismarck. Adenauer in the company immediately. In the Town Hall, Adenauer is welcomed by Mayor Kennely
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Welt im Bild 118/1954

parade will be demonstrated. Demonstration of the Gaits. Parade of the three. High school on the long reins. Liberty dressage. Mehrspänner carriage. Roman chariot races. 08 Chicago: ski jumping on artificial snow jump ski jumper on the hill that is
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