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Welt im Film 244/1950

01 Colombo: Commonwealth Conference Senate building in Colombo. Nehru, half-close. Bevin, half close, talking with Ministers of the Commonwealth. (18 m) 2nd movie stars, models, Ballet rats a. Wiesbaden: young stars from Hollywood man with a camera
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 476/1959

it - unfortunately you have not given the kiss me - but which has encouraged me In fact, I think on the right was to have been." As Hahn comes from the lectern, Heuss kisses him. (55 m) 6th Ceylon fishing report. Cityscape Colombo. Buddhist statues
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Ein Flug nach Südostasien

-close. Ladies. hase in conversation, half close, serving waiter. (446 m) 3rd Act Ceylon Colombo: font Colombo airfield buildings. von Merkatz is welcomed by government officials and the German Ambassador Dr. by Auer. Presentation by members of the German Embassy
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