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UFA-Wochenschau 266/1961

-Dingis again. Wet clothes hang after the race on the pole. (10:04:16 10:05:14) 05. powerboat offshore race of Cowes aerial photographs of the race, total, half total and several close-up shots with A lot of spray, tail water and passing of the winner. (10
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 707/1963

01 Cowes/Wight. Sailing Regatta. -Cruises in the port, men on the quay looking d. binoculars, close. Prince Philipp in sailing boat, looking for camera, half-close. Firing land batteries, set on the water, close. Various settings. Regatta, and
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 708/1963

01 glass facades - architecture d. presence in Germany. -Expensed. -Swivel wall Tower on surrealist. Sculpture on top, close, sculpture in the open air before model building, drive up m. at Madonna the child nympha. Window, mod. Church inside and[…]
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UFA-Dabei 633/1968

Birlenbach encounters 18,94 m and WINS ZL. Varju / Hungary meets ball ZL and disappointed is dismissive, hitting the ball. (37 m) 07. England: International powerboat race from Cowes motor boats in races total. Side, motor boats, fly out of water. Top boats
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UFA-Dabei 995/1975

- green Freiseit and recreation zones, which promise a new quality of life the city emigrants living in the big city, and the natural next door. This sport: doldrums absent the British sailing port of Cowes was for a week focuses on the world of sailing
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