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Welt im Film 25/1945

radiators from the rubble and pull out pillars. People stand around and watch. (65 m) 10 Cuxhaven - V2 secrets be revealed V2 launch base. Ignition. The rocket rises steeply and flies. England (37 m) 11. Peace work industrial center. Smoking chimneys
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Welt im Film 72/1946

Lustgarten. (39 m) 7th Cuxhaven: prisoners of war return home ship, head-on. Prisoners of war wave of Board, totally. Anchor ropes fastened when the vessel. Prisoners get off the ship. Interview of the prisoners of war, o-ton: "where are you going?" "From
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Welt im Film 139/1948

with magnificent headpiece. Dance the mirror perchten. (34 m) 03. streiflichter from Germany a. Cuxhaven: transfer of Norwegians perished in the concentration camp sailors carrying the coffins. Trellis of Norwegian and English sailors. The coffins are
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Welt im Film 159/1948

. The Mac Donald Bailey Haque sprinter WINS with 10.7 sec. Baley, great. (17 m) b. Cuxhaven: high seas regatta sailboats on the North Sea. Boats are in the wind. Boat leaves at turning buoy. (33 m) c. California: trotting home with new start engine. Car
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Welt im Film 183/1948

-hostile statements are." (38 m) 02 news from Germany a. lightship Elbe I the lightship Elbe I upon completion. Settings of the vessel. Elbe I refers to its position prior to Cuxhaven. (22 m) b. A Pfennig coin coins on hand. Coins fall from Münzprägemaschine. Penny
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Welt im Film 221/1949

freestyle: crawl swimming and turning. It wins in 18 minutes and 50.8 seconds Furhashi. Hirohito welcomes swimmers. (35 m) 5th elections: West Germany selects its 1st Bundestag Cuxhaven: Fischer disembark and look at election posters. People go to the
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Welt im Film 261/1950

black armbands. Coffins to the cemetery. Wreath loop a last Glückauf. (22 m) 2 new from the Waterkant a. Bremerhaven: German fishing fair model of fishing boats on the water. Ship model. Fish processing plant. Packaging of fish. (20 m) b. Cuxhaven
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 50/1951

: Dr. Adenauer and Dr. Böckler honorary mayor Görlinger presented Adenauer the honorary citizen certificate. Dr. Hans Böckler enlists in the Golden Book of the city. (10 m) 05. Cuxhaven: Return of the Helgoland crew men go with flag and raise the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 68/1951

. Beams are welded. Cranes, the stadium under construction. (22 m) 06. Hamburg: giraffe baby Trina at Hagenbeck giraffe baby and parents in the enclosure. Small giraffe drinking mother. Gallop through enclosure. (15 m) 7th Cuxhaven: high seas regatta
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Welt im Film 311/1951

transparent warmly welcome Eintracht Frankfurt. Children invade. Football game. Concord score goal. (20 m) c. Cuxhaven: high seas regatta sailing boats at sea. Ocean yacht. Boats at the turn. Reefing the sails. Boat in waves. Boat on the sea. (23 m) d
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Welt im Film 366/1952

. 27, WINS. Rose's hammer with wreath in the car, half-close. Viewers on the edge of the track and grandstand, half-close. (32 m) b. Cuxhaven: offshore yacht race start ball falls. Sailing boats at sea in bad weather. Lightship Elbe III Sun behind
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Welt im Bild 48/1953

, guns. 08. California: Kids Rodeo on calves children riding rodeo and fall. Children looking to jump up and cheer. 09 North Sea week 1953 start of sailing yachts from Cuxhaven to the regatta to Helgoland. Sailing yacht on the sea. Passing on lightship
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Welt im Bild 101/1954

.. Pope Pius XII. will be carried back to the Vatican. People cross themselves. 02. Cuxhaven: German emigrants to Australia the emigrant ship Anna Salen. Case will be read. Inscription on luggage Melbourne. The German emigrants go aboard. Baby in the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 228/1954

9 Ludwig Schmidt, World Championship runner-up in 1953 is winner of the seniors. Awarding a large Cup to the winning Club team of old Nuremberg. (19 m) 10 regatta Cuxhaven Helgoland start ball drops. Offshore yachts on the North Sea. Men see through
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 338/1956

. Colonial troops on horseback. Infantry marches. 06. India: The sacred Puri car Festival procession to the temple. Giant car would be with God figures of pilgrims. Crowd filling picture. 07. Cuxhaven: Ships day deep-sea fisherman's Wimpelbeflaggte. Horn
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 422/1958

01 50 years Lake fish market Cuxhaven sea fishing boat in Cuxhaven arrives. Seagull on posts. Mr Hilck by the Lake fish Office. O-ton: "If the growth of the world population at the current pace keeps up, the Earth will no longer be in 50 years able
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UFA-Wochenschau 107/1958

clay. Children are taken to bed. (37 m) 11 Cuxhaven: Duhner wattage race Watts race - Priltaufe. Gallop racer Duhnen to the Watts. Trotting races. Water comes back slowly. Horse racing in the mud. (27 m) 12. Gelsenkirchen: German Schwimmeisterschaften
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 446/1958

. Mannequins show off fashions at the beach. (c) Cuxhaven: Watts race - Priltaufe. Gallop racer Duhnen to the Watts. Trotting races. Water comes back slowly. Horse racing in the mud. (21 m) 08 Hamburg: International Tennis Championships visitors on the tennis
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 493/1959

01. the Saarland is also economically incorporated into the Federal Republic of Germany smoking chimneys and coal mountains of the Saarland. Mining village. (22 m) 02 Cuxhaven: fleet runs out to the fishing ship siren Cresap
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UFA-Wochenschau 238/1961

image is lowered from a quarry and Casassus corrects anything on the eye of the President. (10:01:26 10:01:59) 05. Weather missile of the German Rocket society In the tidal flats at Cuxhaven is a weather rocket to the launch site and then ready man with
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