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Welt im Film 54/1946

Schöneberg (total). (? m) b. clean-up work in Hamburg, Wuppertal, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bamberg an excavator clears in Hamburg on the City Hall square rubble (large). A concrete processing machine (half total). In Düsseldorf, the tram pulls (total) cars
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Welt im Film 65/1946

01 3. bridge over the Rhine Rhine steamer sails pictures of the reconstruction - under bridge. Tug under the North Bridge in Düsseldorf. Festival society at the opening. The head of the British control Office for Germany and Austria, Minister Hynd
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Welt im Film 104/1947

visit by Lord Pakenham Lord Pakenham, the newly appointed Minister for the British occupation zones of in Germany and Austria, rises in Düsseldorf from aircraft, half-close. The motorcade ride. Pakenham during tour of city and sightseeing. At a press
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Welt im Film 113/1947

Peron waves of aircraft stairs, half-close. Eva Peron is directed to the audience to Pope Pius XII. (15 m) 07 sport a. Düsseldorf: Football Championship of the British zone of HSV - Borussia Dortmund 1-0 game scenes, totally. Scene at the Jarpenguin gate
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Welt im Film 130/1947

stand side by side and go to command, set course and apply brakes at risk. Conductors at clothing. Trams operate side by side out of the depot. (35 m) 05. streiflichter from Germany a. Düsseldorf: press image "Walter von der Vogelweide" exhibition. The
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Welt im Film 160/1948

01 Düsseldorf: Conference of the Prime Minister and Minister for Economic Affairs of the Western zones: promoting the Ruhr coal topic: Ruhr coal - arrival of Lord Pakenham, who gets out of car, half-close. Lord Pakenham in the conversation
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Welt im Film 176/1948

in operation. Running machine in manufacture of sample pressure. Workers of the plant read newspaper. (25 m) b. Düsseldorf: Street Railway dining car people rise in tram. Food is ordered in the dining car. Waitress serves bread and drinks. Tram passes
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Welt im Film 182/1948

01 Germany Montgomery Montgomery is welcomed in the Rheinpark in Düsseldorf from Prime Minister Arnold, takes place next to him to tattoo the Scottish army. Marching Scottish military Chapel. Montgomery greeting, great. (26 m) 02 Japan: floods
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Welt im Film 190/1949

01 new ideas Munich painter: exhibition on the Street - painter plays organ. Exhibition on the road. Sales of lots. Painter in big straw shoes. Images. Düsseldorf: Painter paints cityscapes on scarves. Transfer the pressure on the fabric. Silk scarf
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Welt im Film 195/1949

01 news from Germany a. Hamburg: penicillin production men in the production. Manufacturing process. Man considered tubes. Men in front of microscope. Penicillin in bottles. (21 m) river bed dried out b. waterways without water. Level 2 m above[…]
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Welt im Film 196/1949

demonstration in Raab, 1947. The St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, from above. Cardinal Spellman, large, protested against the arrest of the cardinal in Hungary. Rally in the Düsseldorf Rhine Hall. Prime Minister Karl Arnold and Cardinal Frings speak it. (41
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Welt im Film 199/1949

fashion shows in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Berlin. Long wide dresses and jackets. Wide jackets. Dress with low back neckline. (44 m) 05. streiflichter from Germany a. Duisburg: Rhine ship basing coal Holland barge is loaded with coal. Barge on the Rhine
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Welt im Film 202/1949

. Streiflichter aus Deutschland a. Düsseldorf: Hotel- und Gaststättenmesse Besucher in der Ausstellung. Kaffeemaschine. Radio aus Plexiglas. Wandbett. Mustergroßküche. Mustergroßbäckerei. (29 m) b. Frankfurt: Senckenbergmuseum Front des Senckenbergmuseums
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Welt im Film 206/1949

m) 04. fashion show for young and old Düsseldorf: mannequins of the Parisian fashion house Maggy Rouff demonstrate clothes. Long tight skirts and evening dresses. Frankfurt: kids fashion show: children in knitting clothes go in the hands of mothers
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Welt im Film 213/1949

01 Germany in world air transport plane taking off. SAS aircraft. People get off plane. Aircraft, large: Pan American air ways, BEA, Swiss air, Italian. Passengers in Düsseldorf in the waiting room. Clearance. People get on plane. Aircraft rolls
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Welt im Film 218/1949

deportation is created by Jews and French workers and politicians to the load. Abetz is discharged after judgment (20 years forced labour). (22 m) 03 Düsseldorf today: art and fashion blossom on Düsseldorf, total. Traffic in the streets. Tram runs. Theatre
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Welt im Film 233/1949

, Transport Ministers of North Rhine-Westphalia, speaks at meeting in Düsseldorf, original sound. "We have Not yet regained the old number of cars now in the years after the collapse, but for the number of lorries in North Rhine-Westphalia is already now is 60
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Welt im Film 240/1949

Memorial. (25 m) b. London - ceremony for airlift pilots King George and Queen Elizabeth go down front of pilots assigned to and talk with soldiers. Parade of the airlift pilots. (20 m) 04. Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt: Fashions for 1950 Hamburg
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 2/1950

. Must be blown up! "Proposal to the goodness: we blow with the apparatus..." (Watering can) (26 m) 02 Heuss in Düsseldorf car driving. Two motorcycle riders in front and behind the car. Drive in front of Schloss Benrath to the visit of the Parliament
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 19/1950

same destination together." (13 m) 06 Düsseldorf: Heuss at the life insurance companies Heuss at the lectern, half-close. Among the listeners of construction Minister Wildermuth. Richtkranz on House. New building block. (18 m) 07. Hamburg: Soapbox race
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