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UFA-Wochenschau 137/1959

01 Warsaw: death sentence for Erich Koch war crimes charges. Erich Koch, slumped, with cloth before the face in the dock. (17 m) 02. Berlin: return Willy Brandt of Willy Brandt's world tour comes down stairs and is welcomed by his sons and his[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 476/1959

01 memory of Ernst Reuter people filling picture. After the Division of Berlin 10 years ago Ernst Reuter interview: "You peoples of the world, are you looking at peoples in America, in England, in France, on this city and recognizes that you may[…]
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UFA-Wochenschau 150/1959

01 London: Return Ludwig Erhard from United States Pan Am aircraft with 4 propellers rolls out. Onlookers at the airfield. Ludwig Erhard comes down stairs and is welcomed. Cameramen. Erhard's press conference. (14 m) 2nd or beyond and Polish[…]
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UFA-Wochenschau 151/1959

01 Bundesernährungsminister Dr. h.c. Heinrich Lübke presidential candidate who puts CDU Heinrich Lübke in his desk. Secretary brings post solution and keeps appointment. (As successor to Heuss were Carlo Schmid, of the FDP nominated Max Becker of[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 605/1961

01 Berlin + DDR. "Misled youth". -Cemetery iron bars removed, workers b. building a concrete wall, different settings by waving people, Vopos with planting on Seitengewehr behind wall, armoured with waving flag of FDJ wire fence, various settings
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UFA-Dabei 631/1968

part." (12 m) DEFA: DDR Army: title eyewitness 35. parade of the Eastern army. Training of the soldiers. Tanks in maneuvers. Firing of rockets. Pilot runs to aircraft. Pilot in airplane cockpit. Rotating radar screen. Moving tanks. Tanks drive through
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 971/1968

für die Olympiade "Der kosmische Athlet" Teileinstellungen des Riesengemäldes in Haltung eines Diskuswerfers. Dali vor seinem Gemälde, halbnah. 06. DDR: Hochseilartisten "Luftpiloten" Artisten beim Aufbau ihres Gerüstes. Spannen von Netz. Füße sehen
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UFA-Dabei 655/1969

entrepreneur Eddie Fisher thinks leaf in front of the face. Bank Lady Gisela Werler sits on the dock. Gisela Werler speaks to their defenders. 02. West Berlin: DDR newspapers in West Berlin City libraries GDR newspapers magazine racks. Post car runs over
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 1007/1969

01 250 years of Meissen porcelain cityscape with Albrechtsburg Castle Meißen. Narrow alley. DOM. Pictures of Albrechtsburg Castle and the history of porcelain making. Employees of the Porcelain Manufactory at hub forms of porcelain. Decorating[…]
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UFA-Dabei 689/1969

Heinemann with Scheel, half-close. Genscher. 03. 20 years DDR swivel the TV Tower. Integrating with flowers at inauguration of the tower. The world clock. Arrival of delegations at the airfield. Brother kiss with Stoph. Ulbricht goes next to Gomulka. Young
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UFA-Dabei 690/1969

have conquered the Moon for the benefit of all, even for the builders of the wall." Armstrong, Aldrin Collins on scaffolding at the wall. 03. 20 years DDR parade of the people's army. Flag bearer. Troop parades. Marines, tank, rocket car. Flag group
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UFA-Dabei 744/1970

hearty courage it will be possible, to protect our world from the abyss of hunger and chaos." 02. DDR: Manoeuvres of the Warsaw Pact States "Brotherhood in arms" moving tanks, large. Many parachutes in the air. Observing soldiers. Soldiers jump out of
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UFA-Dabei 825/1972

01. Blindenschule in der DDR Blinde Kinder beim Turnen, an der Sprossenwand, Rutschen auf Schwebebalken. Blinde Kinder beim Spiel mit Bausteinen. Jugendliche bei der Ausbildung. Schreiben auf Schreibmaschine nach Tonband. Ausbildung an der
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UFA-Dabei 855/1972

01 DDR / East Berlin: Preparations for the March world youth meeting - x Youth Festival FDJ youth with flags in a large hall in. Erich Honecker laughing, half total. FDJ group sings. Hall, total. Honecker speaks, original sound. Lew "Hans Beimler
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UFA-Dabei 912/1974

flight attendants at work. Recording in the cockpit. Recordings through the cockpit window on the tarmac during startup. DC-10 rolls on the runway. 02. DDR: 25 years of Thälmann pioneers FDJ celebration. Party official: Erich Honecker on the side. GDR
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UFA-Dabei 926/1974

Gummersbach team the trophy. The Russian player, disappointed, left the Hall. 02. DDR: young people marching military training and youth education in the GDR with flags on the stage. FDJ girl playing flute, large, close. FDJ youth play other musical
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UFA-Dabei 939/1974

Panzer, groß und nah aus der sowjetischen T-Reihe. Diverse Aufnahmen vom Manöver. Ausbildungsreise junger DDR-Soldaten in die UdSSR. Interviews der jungen Soldaten. Demonstration von sowjetischen Soldaten. DDR-Soldaten und sowjetische Soldaten feiern
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UFA-Dabei 1066/1976

. Oil coating on gardens, roads, cars, houses and fields. Women and urban cleaning during the cleaning work. 04. DDR: Hairstyles competition competition Hall, long shot with many Frisiertischen. Hairdressers working on male and female models. Various
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Deutschlandspiegel 329/1982

Stadtzeichner angestellt wurde, betrachtet im Germanischen Museum Dürer Zeichnungen. Engländer malt in der Natur und fotografiert. Atelier und Wohnraum des Künstlers. Gemälde und Fotos in seinem Atelier. (52 m) 03. Das deutsch-deutsche Verhältnis DDR-Posten vor
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Deutschlandspiegel 397/1987

01 Erich Honecker visited the Federal Republic of Germany red carpet is swept and rolled out on the Cologne-Bonn airport. Interflug rolls out machine with 2 DDR flags. German flags side by side. Honecker comes down stairs and is welcomed by
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