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Welt im Film 32/1945

benches. The disinfectant, get hands. A narrow film equipment, half total. Excerpts from the presented film, including Lana Turner. Faces of indigenous girls, big, and close-ups of native. (28 m) 10 Dachau process - the judgment of the courtroom, half
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Welt im Film 43/1946

text, the text documents. The concentration camp overseer of Mauthausen standing in Dachau trial (half total). An American, (total), reads the indictment. The defendants get the font (half total). The defendant must submit their laces and Suspenders
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Welt im Film 47/1946

an exceptionally good harvest in the northern half of the world this year. 05. process of Mauthausen-Gusen In the courtroom of the Dachau camp began the trial of 61 members of the guards of the concentration camp Mauthausen. General Truscott took
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Welt im Film 50/1946

those that such sins were guilty, arrested those who sent their cries for help to the police." (53 m) 5th Dachau commemorates the liberation of two men in front of a memorial stone (total) for the victims of the concentration camp. Wreath loop (large
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Welt im Film 52/1946

Mauthausen - the verdict the accused KZ-Wächter in the building of the military court in Dachau (total). Spectators in the courtroom (total). The defendants (half total). The military judge (half total). General Prickett reads the sentence for each defendant
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Welt im Film 53/1946

on the road (total). (40 m) 5th Malmedy starts Adolf Hitler barred prison window - 74 defendants of the SS - Leibstandarte (half total). The prison bunker in Dachau (total). An Allied soldier goes through the corridor of the prison and is in the cells
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Welt im Film 59/1946

film". Book "Mein Kampf" (large). Meeting with Dr. Högner and members of the Cabinet (total). Tour of the Dachau (total). The execution level (total). Walk through the gas chambers (total). The Malmedy process, courtroom (half total). (53 m) 02 Prague
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Welt im Film 61/1946

later this first group. 05. Malmedy massacre trial: the verdict In the Malmedy massacre trial in Dachau was awarded the judgement against the 73 accused members of the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. 1944/45, 43 of the defendants were sentenced to death
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Welt im Film 66/1946

visited the ruins of the Reich Chancellery, totally. He stands before the Führerbunker and at the place where Hitler's body is burned. Mackenzie King walking half-close. (23 m) 02 process Flossenbürg in Dachau great bars outside courthouse in Dachau
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Welt im Film 99/1947

soldered together with lead. Lead-glazed Windows in the House. (28 m) c. Waiblingen: wholesale nursery gardener in greenhouse with flowers. Gärtner sprays tropical flowers. Orchid, large. Small chicks in skirt. Chicks Peck feed. (24 m) 04 Dachau: Buchenwald
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Welt im Film 111/1947

Hill. Tribes are channelled through channel and assembled for rafting. The rafters go with crampons on the smooth stems. The rafters steer the raft by the Salzach River. Journey through exciting whitewater. (50 m) 05. Dachau. Dismissal of the last
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Welt im Film 112/1947

1 Dachau. Process of Buchenwald - Ilse Koch in the cross-examination courthouse in Dachau. Pan across the dock. Ilse Koch in cross-examination, great. Shrunken head, great. Lampshades made of human skin. Main prosecution representative William
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Welt im Film 117/1947

01 process Buchenwald - decision shield on courthouse in Dachau, large, Dachau detachment was crimes group. The military judge sit in the courtroom. M.P., SS Josias Prinz zu Waldeck introduces the defendants and former General of the weapons, total
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Welt im Film 119/1947

in front of tent, totally. Harmonica player. Boys carry boxes. Dinner at the campsite. Young people sleep in tents. (21 m) c. Dachau: oxen race children moving. Kid shield "applies to the oxen race". Oxen with calipers. Riders on the oxen. Start of
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Welt im Film 240/1949

at a visit to an aircraft carrier in San Diego. Plane taking off. (30 m) 03 updates soon a. Dachau - consecration for KZ-graves funeral. Bishop Dr. Neuhäusler speaks, Oberrabiner Dr. Ohrenstein, upper Church Council Daumiller speaks. Cross as a
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Welt im Film 257/1950

01 Dachau: 5th anniversary of the liberation of the Assembly on the leading mountain to commemoration. Priests of various denominations. Dr. Ehard speaks, half-close. Mr. IMP, American land Commissioner, speaks. Dr. Kogon says. Foundation stone laid
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UFA-Dabei 632/1968

nutrition schedule. Hole card is removed from the computer. Records. (20 m) 03 Munich: Trade Union Congress of the IG metal and wreath-laying ceremony in Dachau young people wear wreaths to Memorial in Dachau. Wreath loop containing Otto Brenner, big
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UFA-Dabei 709/1970

. Munich: Protesters on the road with anti-Israeli posters. Transparent: "Abba Eban in Bonn, DM for napalm", close. Excited man, great. Dachau concentration camp: barbed wire fence and a watchtower. Security force for Abba Eban at the site of the
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