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Welt im Film 308/1951

. Long jacket with belt. Afternoon dress. Day dress. High thick heels. Evening dresses. (33 m) 06. sport of the week seriously and cheerful a. Darmstadt: Darmstadt football: football Darmstadt 98 - FSV Frankfurt 1:1 game. Spectators, half-close. In the
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Welt im Bild 64/1953

General Dean. 06. Darmstadt: dance tournament couples on the dance floor dancing the Waltz. European champion couple cancer dance a Rumba. Elegant spectator with décolleté and power gloves. Dance a Foxtrot, couple Dolezel and Stuttgart tournament winner
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UFA-Wochenschau 89/1958

01 art a. Darmstadt: metal sculptures by Helga Föhl Helga Föhl knits in her garage Studio shot parts together. Working with hammer and welding machine on the metal sculptures. Berlin: aluminum monument for the world exhibition of Professor
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 520/1960

. Darmstadt: world show of the Canaries font box caution live birds. Canaries in small cages with exhibition will be taken out of box. Exhibition cages. Distribution of food and water. Big birds. (26 m) 08 Cologne: new mannequins, wholesale, with caps, tulle
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UFA-Dabei 766/1971

people in a nightclub. 05. Darmstadt: rock band "Man" band plays and sings with the band members in Darmstadt "Daughter of the Fireplace" and trick shots.
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UFA-Dabei 815/1972

's music course, swing. 03. Darmstadt: ESOC, Houston on the Rhine road ride on board with the inscription "ESOC". Driving shots around the building of the ESOC. Mini antenna, close. Control room. Harris / NASA, half total speaks interview: "well, I think
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UFA-Dabei 863/1973

. Jean-Michel Gaud from France with his half-blood "Tango" WINS error-free. (61 m) 02. Darmstadt: first public database of the Federal Post Office Fernmeldetechnisches Central Office. The procedure: the search term is entered into the computer. The computer
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Deutschlandspiegel 316/1981

headquarters in Darmstadt of great mirror and the receiver at Darmstadt in the Odenwald. The European operations centre for space research ESOC. International car tags: Danmark, GB, I, F. scientists screens when collecting data. Control of satellites. The data
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Deutschlandspiegel 408/1988

compression of gravel. New sleepers are laid. Men screw the threshold. (51 m) 06. Darmstadt: City of Art Nouveau drinking woman as a fountain statue. Mosaics. Artist colony of Mathildenhöhe architects, painters and artists. Sundial. Pan across the House
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