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Welt im Film 220/1949

1 Frankfurt: Last session of Economic Council swing building. Dr. Köhler is the final speech. Among the listeners of Ludwig Ehrhard, great. (19 m) 2 Denmark: the full beards a Viking Viking ships. Danes in costumes of the Vikings on board. Viking
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Welt im Film 256/1950

jumpers ZL. Mary Cunningham, prevails. (28 m) 04. Denmark: medium people will sit in Spiritism session exposed to table. Secret camera suggests that zither feet of the medium and makes character that will supposedly be written by magic. (37 m) 5th news
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Welt im Film 264/1950

. Colosseum. Drive to St. Peter's square. Pope Pius blesses the motorcyclists. (23 m) c. Denmark: hamlet - Festival King Frederik and Queen upon arrival to Festival on Kronborg Castle, half-close. Performance of hamlet of the London Old Vic Theatre with
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Welt im Film 267/1950

assistant writes closing loading door Saturday 17: 00. (18 m) 03 pictures from all over the world a. Denmark: Radar makes fishing steamer with device for detection of herring shoals from ERP funds. Fishermen in the boat. NET full of herring is pulled on
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Welt im Film 290/1950

01 President Truman proclaims a national emergency of newspaper headlines. Aerial view of the Capitol. Capitol. large. Truman reads statement on the national State of emergency, large. Aircraft construction. (30 m) 02. The winter war in Korea U.S.[…]
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Welt im Film 317/1951

cases. (25 m) 5th sport a. Kieler Woche Heuss as visitors, half-close. Sailing boats on the water. Boats in the race. Turn. Great sailors. Bloated sails in the wind. (22 m) b. Denmark: Sandbahnrennen motorcycle riders on the track. Viewers protect
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Welt im Bild 28/1953

she is Queen alone the ocean liners. Mourning for Queen Alexandrine full Denmark mourns Queen Alexandrine, died suddenly and unexpectedly after a serious operation. King Frederik, the Royal family and 12 officers accompany the Catafalque through the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 212/1954

France: hit of the Wizard Magic dolls move. Monkey starts grinding or teeth. Rolling eyes. Magic doll floating in the air and disappears from the box. (29 m) 09 Denmark: ice sailing on the Roskildefluß ice sailing driving at high speed on the ice. Boat
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 256/1954

. (19 m) 06. United States: baptism of the largest aircraft carrier of Forrestal world crowd. Christening of the aircraft carrier at the shipyard in the dock. (11 m) 07. Denmark: commissioning of the new ferry Kong Frederik IX. ferry Kong Frederik IX
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Welt im Bild 152/1955

in the naval school of Greenwich with Entourage. The Royal couple at the table at the gala dinner with officers of the British Admiralty. (d). Denmark: King Frederik and Queen Ingrid received the French President Coty and Mrs King Frederik, Queen
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UFA-Wochenschau 43/1957

1 Berlin: Parade of US soldiers at the airfield of Tempelhof day army. The official gallery the families of the city Commander of the occupying forces. Took of the flags, tanks. Zoo Director presented the US site commander a small bear. Drilling[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 382/1957

, the model is modeled after the original. -40 different trades gave an impressive picture of the creation of working hands on this exhibition. Briefly exposed: Copenhagen: the State visit of British Queen Elizabeth and the Prince Philip in Denmark was a
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UFA-Wochenschau 83/1958

cheap food in Denmark. Butter is balanced. (6 m) 06. consistency: cheaper bread from the Switzerland Baker taking bread off shelf and sells it. Customs officer checked on the German-Swiss border. (7 m) 07. Texas: American space experiment air force
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UFA-Dabei 831/1972

Qualtinger receives a Filmband in gold." Among the guests, large: Heinz Rühmann, Bernhard Wicky. Film Awards by Genscher. Filmband in gold for Brigitte Horney, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Helmut Quadflieg. 02. men's fashion in Denmark Dressman in different
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UFA-Dabei 834/1972

01 Belfast. Unrest in Northern Ireland (Orange day) Irish Protestants at annual parade uniforms with brass band. British soldiers. Debris and fires after bombings. 02. Viet Nam: the Viet Cong drive combat vehicles advance through jungle terrain.[…]
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El Mundo al Instante 1012/1982

swing. Center heads are the building blocks not only resilient - they have survived many toy fads - and a monument has been used them already: LEGOLAND, amusement park in Denmark, is the best advertisement for the popular product. -Stone on stone
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