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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 59/1951

01 Bonn: Bundestag session: appeal for a free Germany Adenauer speaks. Actuality: "this Parliament would have, as I have already mentioned, a German Constitution and pending its entry into force to form a provisional German Government." It goes[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 80/1951

01 Dublin: German Ambassador Dr. Kadri Dr. Kadri presented be certification letter to the Irish President Sean O'Kelly. Conversation Katzenberger-O'Kelly, close to half. Katzenberger moves off the front of the stand. (22 m) 02 Tripoli: garden party
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 91/1951

remove their face covers to struggle and To give up the hand. (15 m) 10 Dublin: international football match Ireland - Germany 3:2 President John O'london Kelly and the German Ambassador Dr. Kadri welcome the players before the game. Fritz Walther at the
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Welt im Bild 111/1954

. Gate opens. Drive via seesaw jump. Jump over hills. Winner goes through the target. 08 Dublin: International Horse Show viewers on the tournament grounds. On the course of Lieutenant Cullinan/Ireland and Gerlinde s/Germany. Rode the winner Hans Günter
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UFA-Wochenschau 29/1957

in the Ernst Merck Halle. Referee separates and warned Laurent. Heavy shock Exchange. Laurent in the 8th round to floor must hit. Referee counts. Laurent turns back to the fight, boxing but posted. Clear point winner Max Resch. 08 Dublin: Rugby
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 446/1958

. Final men's single: Davidson / Sweden, triumphs over Brichant / Belgium in 5 sets. Spectators applaud and look back and forth. (27 m) 09. Sports records a. Dublin herb Elliot / Australia, running the mile in 3 minutes 54.5 seconds. New record. b
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UFA-Wochenschau 227/1960

driven on lorries by Dublin, large crowd farewell, weeping relatives at the grave, soldiers shoot salut. (10:02:47 10:03:00) 05. launched U.S. nuclear submarine soldiers dressed in historic costumes before sub in the water runs from the stack, baptism
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 593/1961

01 Dublin / Ireland. Foreign Minister v. Brentano was educated at the Green Island. -By Brentano in conversation with Foreign Minister Frank Aiken, the ruined city of Glendalough, Aiken, a picnic is Lake lover v. Brentano. 02. Latin America. The
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 604/1961

pockets, market women) 03. horse riding: Dublin. "Royal Horse Show" hurdle jumping:-Pat Smythe and B4rdrules on the Parvours. Winner of the touring Cup of Aga Khan: Winkler Bagusat Schridde u. Schockemöhle, installation to the ' awards ceremony, award of
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UFA-Wochenschau 318/1962

at the crack of dawn, man on empty bleachers with binoculars, total + big, be groomed horses, horses in the boxe, blacksmith in the HUF fogging, filling with MARE at pasture. 06. Dublin. Jumping to the Aga Khan Cup Lady sits in the Lady's seat. Heads
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