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Deutschlandspiegel 271/1977

01 Hannover: small balls move education fair at Didacta on plate. Spectators and others from the 3rd world. Device with moving balls on lit plate. Exhibition Hall. Audiovisual media. Test tubes with colorful liquids. Electronic control modules for[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 270/1977

01 Rottweiler fools jump snow in the black forest. The town of Rottweil. Fools parade through the streets. Historical masks dance. Band playing. The Rottweiler fools jump, fanciful-looking masks sell winter. Clown faces with musical instruments in[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 268/1977

: On Louis Armstrong band and Negersängerin. Hippie audience and listeners. Abstract and representational Louis Armstrong painting. Young audience sitting on the floor. Trombonist, trumpeter, flutist. (55 m) 5th City Portrait Duderstadt (Lower Saxony
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Deutschlandspiegel 283/1978

flight. Air traffic controllers give instructions. Landing in the dark from behind. (57 m) 04. Duderstadt: Orthopedic company - prostheses by the nature woman in shorts introduces modern prosthetic leg. Technical draughtsman on drawing boards design
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Deutschlandspiegel 330/1982

. Social worker plays with Turkish children. Young foreigners in the Haus der Jugend St. Georg are advised. Samples of a theatrical scene exercises behavior in reality. Children play on the football field. (76 m) 04. City Portrait Duderstadt (see D 268
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