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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 654/1962

legs of an antelope together, close, one carries away the animal on his shoulder. -05 Eckernförde. The Federal of German Scout camp. Boys leave the tents in droves, many boys run in speedos in the water, soloseat. and frontal, close, boys crowd cheer
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Deutschlandspiegel 372/1985

) 02. oil from the Baltic Sea oil rig Sweden corner Lake in the Baltic Sea with Eckernförde. Introduction of the drill according to strict environmental regulations. Helicopter flies. Aerial view of the rig. Monitoring of automatic oil rig with monitors
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Deutschlandspiegel 379/1986

01 Hamburg: cabaret bars of Hamburg in the evening. Young people go River Casemates into Jazz cellar. Singer sings great. Jazz band plays. Drummer, saxophonist, pianist. Young guests, great. Young man catches cigarette. Young people, great. Dancer[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 378/1986

01 Reinbek balloon Castle Reinbek Castle. Partial recording of the restored Castle after original templates. Windows and arcades. Diplomatic reception in Reinbek Castle. As host, he speaks schleswig Holstein Prime Minister Uwe Barschel. Frescoes[…]
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