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Welt im Film 222/1949

Germany, I've written in the past 14 years, and then I would like to come and be and help." "... and then you To write a role for me and then I'm coming." (31 m) 02. The Ecuador earthquake debris field. People have mountains and go through debris. Soldiers
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UFA-Dabei 767/1971

is struck again by the following horse. Winner "Specify" after the victory, several settings and being kissed on the mouth. 02. Ecuador: Dr. Gustav Heinemann in Ecuador mounted escort accompanied Hamed car. Driving shots to audience temporarily, that
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Deutschlandspiegel 200/1971

cassette, large. Scheel smack among those present. Ecuador: President welcomes Heinemann. Car driving through the city in the midst of pressing crowd. Heinemann's arm in arm between people in addition to Hilda Heinemann. Slapping people. 04. Hanover city
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UFA-Dabei 771/1971

01 20 years Bundesgrenzschutz federal border police man with a two-way radio, close, speaking interview of mine blasting. O-ton: Enter through Dragonfly: 10: 00 56 mine detonation in the old double fence. Catchment NVA pioneers at 658349. This is[…]
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