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Welt im Film 43/1946

(half total). The Gauleiter of Oberdonau Gruber, the head of the security service of Krahn, SS camp physician Kris railway, all alone in the image. (75 m) 9 industry under construction - VW factory in Fallersleben bodies under construction in the
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Welt im Film 140/1948

on skates play basketball on ice. Cameramen with cameras with special lens. (26 m) 04 Fallersleben: the 20 000th Volkswagen shield "20.000. Volkswagen". Volkswagen drive in a row. Workers at the VW factory. Body press presses body roofs. Assembling
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Welt im Film 237/1949

01 news from Germany a. Louis Johnson, US. Defense Ministers in Berlin welcome at the airfield. Close-up of Johnson. Close-up McCloy. Johnson speaks at press conference (American troops remain in Germany). (13 m) b. Zollkreuzer against smugglers[…]
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