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UFA-Dabei 737/1970

in whitewater, large (is 7). Start by Alfred Baum and various settings in ZL. Moves backwards through slalom gates. Tree victorious laughing, great. 05. Fehmarn: Open-air festival rockers at the Sage of cars. Young people on the way to the place of
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Deutschlandspiegel 408/1988

Island Fehmarn ferry runs and creates. Bus leaves the ship, caravans, cars, motorcycle riders. Drive via Fehmarn and bridge. Country road. Sheep graze. Old tree. Ears of corn. Fishing. Houses. Smokehouse. Smoked eels. Man with binoculars. Heron in mud
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Deutschlandspiegel 410/1988

01 ISPO Munich - international sporting goods fair Röhnradfahren. Tennis fashion show for men and women. Exhibition Hall. Sports shoes at booth. Canoes. Fitness clothing. Exercise bike. China sporting goods. Footballs. Skateboards. Bike touring[…]
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