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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 444/1958

water bowl and winks to correct eye errors. Eye doctor look at eyes of patients by examination device and uses Contactlinsen. Big eye. (30 m) 10 Finkenwerder: training of cabin boy in sailor school bell rings. Ship's boys lined up in the courtyard of the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 658/1962

. -Mayor Engelhard. visited with. Men's the plant. Archive images ships in the fog. Technicians on the radar screen, foot, big, push button, radar screen, map with näherkommendem ship. Archive: Ships i. fog. 05. Hamburg-Finkenwerder. Unusual launched with
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Deutschlandspiegel 266/1976

01 Stuttgart: Daimler-Benz Oldtimer rally in Munich - 90 year automotive views from car windshield when test driving on curves line. Drive through excessive curve. Mercedes car on test track. Slalom driving around obstacles. 2 Mercedes cars[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 265/1976

. Folk Festival in Finkenwerder. A lot of people. Man drinks beer glass. Organ-grinder. People in carousels. Windmill turns on entertainment Festival. Dance troupes from France, Poland and Italy. The Finkwarder Speeldeel folklore group dances. Clapping
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Deutschlandspiegel 268/1977

01. film in the Federal Republic of Germany books. Heinrich Böll - views of a clown. Clown faces. Hanna Schygulla, Helmut Griem close-up. Film scene. Flight in a sports plane. Balloon flight over forest Gorge. Airplane flies under bridge. Duisburg[…]
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