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Welt im Film 24/1945

. Enlightened, revolving carousel. (28 m) 02 Berlin: prelude to the trial participants of the International Court of Justice arrive in Berlin. They study files and conduct negotiations. (22 m) 03 United States - storm wind on Florida Sturmgepeitschte poplar
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Welt im Film 28/1945

and bring them to the blades. (34 m) 5th Berlin - nomads which city is a Berlin train station crowded with refugees, sitting with their possessions. A train with refugees on the running boards and car roofs. return (40 m) 06. Florida - Danish sailing
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Welt im Film 50/1946

total). Cup: Man with wreath. (64 m) 03 United States - for the corridors of Europe's phosphate plants in Florida (aerial photography). (Half total) crane for dismantling work. Small train phosphate (total). Processing of the raw in halls (half total
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Welt im Film 78/1946

recorded. Boy on the farm helps when cutting. (54 m) 5th original from all over the world (80 m) a. trotting home machine in Florida start with a main machine and races. (11 m) b. Gallopers in Canada with official helicopter the official sitting in a
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Welt im Film 98/1947

exercise. INO Stangl, Bavaria, at the horizontal bar. Stangl is best single Turner before Theo Wied. Bayern WINS ahead of Baden, Württemberg and Hesse. The winning team will be congratulated. (35 m) b. Florida: Sandbahnrennen start of the motorcycles. Ride
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Welt im Film 102/1947

. Bicyclists riding through the city, over bridge. Road sign of Prenzlauer Allee. Bicyclists riding terrain. People are on the side of the road. Ride through the target. Winner: Hermann Schild, Chemnitz, with a bouquet of flowers, half-close. (29 m) c. Florida
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Welt im Film 125/1947

audience. (19 m) b. Irish football in New York City, two teams play football, in which everything is permitted: Handstand, hold, etc. (27 m) c. Florida: water water skier ski on one ski backwards, big. Four men behind the boat. Man goes without skis on the
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Welt im Film 128/1947

settles in the balance. (37 m) 04 United States: Hurricane in Florida Palm trees bent up in the whirlwind. Inflamed water beat against the shore walls. Trees fall over. Destroyed roads and houses. (30 m) 5th updates soon a. London: opening of Parliament of
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Welt im Film 135/1947

U.S. State of Florida. Here, researchers and hunters To find an untouched paradise - but also unknown dangers. The Hunter Ross goes all them without guns, only with the hand to tackle... In the fight under water with an alligator. At the end, the
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Welt im Film 196/1949

. (26 m) c. Florida: Surf surfer surfing behind motorboats. Rachel falls into the water. Figure driving. Water spraying up. Jump in ZL. Jumper crashing on water skis, ZL. (41 m)
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Welt im Film 210/1949

obstacle (ZL). Riders fall from his horse. (17 m) c. Florida: water ski clowns on water skis behind boat. Jump over obstacles and fall. (29 m)
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Welt im Film 225/1949

on his 85th birthday. Mourners at the funeral. The widow of Strauss. Wreaths. (61 m) 03 hurricane in Florida Palm trees are bent. Surf on shore. Windswept trees. Cyclone road. Fluctuating light traffic. Bent trees after storm and debris of houses. (25
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Welt im Film 242/1950

's arrival. Sukarno is actuality, Sukarno, big the oath. Parade of troops. (38 m) 03. Florida: students on the high Trapeze girl swinging on the high Trapeze. Swing. Rotation as Untermann. (26 m) 04. streiflichter from Germany a. Regensburg: barges on the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 7/1950

Schäffler into beer tent. Barrel is pierced. Pouring beer. Singing and German drinking songs. (36 m) 11 Florida: swimwear models demonstrate swimsuits, one-piece and two-piece. Swim mannequins. Recording behind the Aquarium between fish. (24 m) 12 Japanese
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 27/1950

billiards, car overturns. Spectator cover face. (18 m) 8 Canada: Iron Horse iron horse is refueled at gas station and runs with riders. Real horse smelled it. Iron Horse fell with rider. (28 m) 09 Florida: diving fun jumps from the diving Tower. Belly Flop
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 38/1950

. (16 m) 09 Florida: water ski art driving water skiers. Water skier for turns. Jump over obstacles. (16 m) 10 Paris: ice Revue running solo couple Genevieve Morris and Rob Payne. (13 m) 11 human seen: John McCloy McCloy goes through the Park of outside
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 51/1951

/ Germany. (49 m) 09 Florida: motorboat racing motor boats ride over obstacles and fly through the air. Motorboat racing. Motorboat capsizes after obstacle. Drive the motor boats ashore.
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Welt im Film 294/1951

field. Shot on goal. Goalkeeper defense. Neuendorf shoots 1:0 player of by worms not comes through front gate. (31 m) d. Florida: motorboat racing powerboats jump for jump races. Winner will receive Badenixe Cup. (18 m)
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 58/1951

. (11 m) 09 Florida: Dolphin dressage Dolphin dives after wood and jump through hoops. (13 m) 10 United States: Jet helicopter nozzles are mounted on wings by helicopter. Helicopter launches and flies. (17 m) 11 Miami Beach: diving diver. Mary Cunningham
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Welt im Film 337/1951

Germany - Switzerland bars Turner. Adalbert Dan Hutton in floor exercise. Josef Stadler, Lucerne, on the high bar. Audience clapping. Helmut Bantz on the horizontal bar. (32 m) c. Florida: water ski water skier behind boat. Water skiers on small skis
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