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Welt im Film 15/1945

Minister Ernest Bevin, the successor Anthony Eden. The work programme of the Conference was nearly completed before the British election results. During the Conference, President Truman and General Eisenhower in Frankfurt awarded awards of Commander of the
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Welt im Film 28/1945

aircraft. The grandstand is designed as a replica of the battleship Missouri. Admiral Nimitz is waved in the stands. (63 m) 02. Frankfurt am Main - opening the stock exchange in Frankfurt, total, with burnt out roof and bomb damage to the facade. A
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Welt im Film 30/1945

election result. The Chairman of the victorious people's Party Secretary Figl sits at his desk and on the phone, half total. (78 m) 05 radio under construction and a musical insert pan over a tower of radio Frankfurt. A worker working on the mast, half
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Welt im Film 39/1946

). Leon Jouhaux (France), Kal (Holland) half total. Tarrasow (Russia), Edwards (England), half the total. Harbour cruise, call of the Union leader with port workers (half total). Meeting in Frankfurt/Main: the Hessian labor Minister Miller speaks (half
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Welt im Film 40/1946

01 Mrs. Roosevelt visited Germany Mrs. Roosevelt, the widow of the late great President of the United States, undertook a three-day trip through Germany after their participation in the London Conference of the United Nations. In Frankfurt/a. main
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Welt im Film 46/1946

(large). The ship of Argentina from the front (half total). (Total), the women leave the ship. Hug and kisses in greeting the men (half total). Crying baby in the arms of the father. (30 m) 02 stark Memorial meeting at a place in Frankfurt (total). A man
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Welt im Film 54/1946

01 Germany (US zone) - 40 cities choose shield "1946 local elections" (large). People go into a polling station in Frankfurt (total). People with umbrellas (total). A man carries a man on the shoulder to the choice of (total). Debris road in Munich
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Welt im Film 65/1946

. (33 m) c. horse racing in Brisbane, Australia the racing of horses in slow motion, then without slow motion. The wonder horse Bernborow overhauled the entire field. The horse after the race. (18 m) 7 Frankfurt Main: turned bunker bunker as everything
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Welt im Film 66/1946

weather balloon is high left to check the wind conditions. Meteorologists from weather maps. Man writes with headphones on typewriter. Radio announcer gives out weather reports. (49 m) 5th Frankfurt: German athletics - Championship start of the 5000 m run
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Welt im Film 69/1946

is hoisted on a crane, big. The men clean the buoy. Renewal of the Blinkfeuers. Ship drive next to the buoy in the river. (35 m) b. Frankfurt / Main: performance on stage Shakespeare: "What you want" visitors go to the open-air stage in the Carmelite
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Welt im Film 85/1947

-close. (29 m) 2nd Frankfurt / Main: General Mc Narney speaks on the Römerberg people on the Römerberg, totally. General Mac Narney at the lectern, sideways, large. Among the guests of honour Mayor Kolb with official chain, large. Mac Narney, size. US
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Welt im Film 87/1947

01. the campaign against hunger in Bremen cranes transport goods to freight trains. Men loading the boxes into trains. The boxcar door is pulled. Locomotive is large. Moving freight train. Barges in the port of Frankfurt/Main. Jib crane transported
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Welt im Film 91/1947

1 Hoover in Germany Frankfurt/Main: aircraft will roll out on the airfield. Hoover go down the aircraft stairs, half-close. Welcome address by General Mac Narney, half-close. Hoover goes from the airport in addition to Mac Narney. Berlin: Hoover
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Welt im Film 93/1947

Frankfurt / Main: euthanasia process Hadamar pan across judges table. Pan across dock with men and women. The Prosecutor speaks, o-ton: "the relatives of patients about their whereabouts and fate deliberately mislead carried. Initially, you learned that the
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Welt im Film 96/1947

1 Frankfurt: Change in the American upper command, General Mac Narney speaks, great. US officers on the stand. General Clay apart from Mac Narney, half-close. American occupation forces. Mac Narney is highly General Clay, half-close. Waving US flag
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Welt im Film 97/1947

. streiflichter from Germany a. Frankfurt: rebuilding St. Paul's Church that destroyed St. Paul's Church in Frankfurt and debris. St. Paul's Church, great. Mayor Kolb, great. The Prime Minister of Hesse, Christian Stock, great. The city Commander of Frankfurt
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Welt im Film 99/1947

read, they sit in the Auditorium. Students from map. You go from classroom. Frankfurt: Retraining of craftsmen shield retraining to the Carpenter's trade. Training workshop. Men during the planing of window frames. Young people in the theoretical
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Welt im Film 101/1947

Christ came to his town. Procession on the Via Dolorosa. The Mount of olives and the garden of Gethsemane. (25 m) 05. Frankfurt / Main: Theatre event "Mourning intended Elektra" poster. Destroyed House. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Theater program
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Welt im Film 105/1947

coffee table in the Finkenkrug. Speakers and participants at the meeting. (35 m) b. Frankfurt / Main: fashion show at the Zoo mannequin in a summer dress on the catwalk with number in hand. Evening dress. Spectators sit in the open air. Hands play on
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Welt im Film 110/1947

stands, half-close. The winning horse and Jockey, half-close. (46 m) 05. Frankfurt / Main, Germany: meeting of the dual-zone Economic Council black flags on tall masts. The representative of the British military Government speaks before microphone "Radio
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