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Welt im Film 97/1947

camera swivels and photographed map. Various maps. Hand scrolls in the World Atlas. (39 m) c. Goslar: Harz Canary people with packages go by road with half-timbered houses. You go into a House. Man unwraps cage with a Canary. Cages next to each other
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 39/1950

01 Goslar: CDU Party Congress there are Dr. Adenauer (threat of Soviet - design Europe). Clapping. Actuality: "ladies and gentlemen! You and the public should have the impression, as if I see pessimistic future. I am convinced we really have every
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Welt im Film 282/1950

United States of America." (50 m) 03 updates soon a. Goslar: Party Congress of the CDU flags on the street. Dr. Konrad Adenauer on the lectern, half close interview speaks as elected leader of the Party (friendship to the United States): "it is in truth a
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 96/1951

01 Goslar: Performance by Mads Kasper fairy stage children as spectators in the punch and Judy show. The clown speaking, witch and Santa Claus. Original sound: Kasper: "You want to come with us to the Santa Claus?" Children: "Yes!" Kasper: "well
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 97/1951

01 Adenauer in London Mercedes reverses on the airfield. Adenauer is the aircraft of the British High Commissioner. Adenauer waves from aircraft. 2 propellers are thrown in. Aircraft rolls. The German and the English flag on the mast. Adenauer[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 99/1951

01 Christmas: Mathias Wiemann reads from 'Rilke's letters to a young poet' interview: "you shall not without a greeting from me be if it is Christmas, and if, severe wear your loneliness in the midst of the Festival than usual. That is no reason[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 128/1952

moving into the stadium. Chariot races. 06. Goslar: motorcycle death driver Ricardo Molton high hinged mesh cage, runs Molton on motorcycle on the walls around. Floor of the cage will open. Ride over the abyss. Floor closes. Artist is evident in the rope
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Welt im Bild 17/1952

01 Goslar: Congress of the German party banner Home - Germany - Europe. On the lectern Minister Hamel interview speaks (United Europe) Ministers Hamel: "... and the next to the side stand and finally proudly on our best traditional values the German
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UFA-Dabei 751/1970

." 02. resin: UNICEF Stagecoach various settings of a stagecoach vierspännig in ride in the Harz mountains. Sign "for the children of the world". Coach travels slowly, cars behind her. Drive through the gate in the town of Goslar. Hindwings blowing Horn
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Deutschlandspiegel 209/1972

01. snow-covered houses of Goslar Goslar. Small street to flow down into the snow. Inscription on façade houses, swing. Coat of arms of front of House. Horse-drawn carriage with Coachman. Poodle running in the snow. The Imperial Palace. Gold
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UFA-Dabei 1005/1975

in a movie theater. An expansion is currently affiliated to the classical Temple of the Muses, which aims to improve the capacity of a large hall on thousand seats and the small to 400. As long as the theater at the cinema plays. This policy: Goslar
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Deutschlandspiegel 272/1977

are evaluated. Microscope images of pathogens photos of lepers in every 6 months at healing through medicine. (55 m) 06 portrait of Goslar animal figure on Slate roof, large. Cityscape Goslar, total. Timber-frame houses. Narrow streets. Old town. Font
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Deutschlandspiegel 305/1980

reasons why we certainly not do without in the next decades a limited expansion and use of nuclear energy." (96 m) 02 Goslar pan across snow-covered houses of Goslar. Narrow road along river. Timber-frame houses. Coat of arms of front of House, horse
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Deutschlandspiegel 416/1989

industry. The 4-mega-bit chip, tiny. Dr. Hans Friederich, head of the mega-project production sound. Images from the production. Yellow-light room. Workers in protective suits. Projection, automation. (61 m) 03 town Goslar forest landscape of the Harz
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