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Welt im Film 194/1949

U.S. plane in the ice desert of Greenland Arctic. Aerial view of the downed aircraft. Rescue aircraft to make an emergency landing. Dropping food from aircraft. Extends carrier Saipan with helicopters to the rescue of the victim. (45 m) 03. London
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Welt im Bild 8/1952

heir to the throne of Iraq Mohamed (17 years old) Mars at the ceremony of the honorary, great. (6 m) 04. Greenland: visit by King Frederik and Queen Ingrid of Denmark King Frederik and Queen Ingrid go ashore. Queen Ingrid wearing high rubber boots and
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Welt im Bild 15/1952

01 Greenland: Rescue English pilot balloon of the plane wreck on the ice of Greenland. Airdrop of food and cans of American aircraft. Landing a U.S. Amphibienflugzeuges on the ice. Icebergs. Arrival of the rescued crew on airfield in England
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UFA-Wochenschau 490/1965

01 Viet Nam title: war without end - image: US aircraft carrier enterprise. Atomic guns aboard the enterprise. Start the enterprise by jet fighter-bombers from Board. Bomber flying in clouds. Bomb strikes and on-board weapon attack. Errant U.S.[…]
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