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UFA-Wochenschau 220/1960

travel through France of de Gaulle in Grenoble, cheering people with portable barriers in maintained, mounting: de Gaulle enters lecterns and cheering, ride in an open car, shaking hands. (12 m = 0:26) 03. Debré in Bonn salutes arrival on the airport
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 668/1962

five mark piece neck band watch for women, hands tall at the demonstrate this watch, ringed jewel ladies wrist watch on the wrist, great. 04. Grenoble. 4. World Championships of the fakirs throwing at with permanent stuck arrows fakirs, Lady stands a
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 730/1964

. (Electronic imaging) The image is scanned from a Lichzpunkt. Close-up: Eyes of the painter. Close-up: A record. 11 European Championships in figure skating in Grenoble (France). Winner men's: Alain Calmat won ladies: Soukje Dijkstra winner couples: Marike
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UFA-Wochenschau 597/1968

man. (41 m) 06. The Olympic flame travel title: looking Grenoble image: high-rise buildings of the Olympic village temple of Zeus at Olympia. Skier with torch run from Mount Olympus. Runner runs with the torch to Athens airport. Olympic fire in miners
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 938/1968

Windows. Lion in cage. Coati. Ponies with hay for relief operation. Monkey. 06. Olympic city of Grenoble empty train tracks. Provisional station building destroyed by storm. City image. Market square with fountain. Commencement of driving on new buildings
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 942/1968

. Grenoble: 10 Olympics competing: ski jumper ZL. Günter Göllner / Germany at the jump. He is 10. Jiry Raske / CSSR jumps and wins gold medal, ZL. Jiry Raska after the victory, half-close. Cameraman pans with camera. Downhill women: on the track of Christel
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UFA-Dabei 603/1968

dance created Kasatschok. Russian dance before. Grenoble (41 m) 04: 10 Winter Olympics title: doing sports: Grenoble 1968 Olympic fire. Torch bearer kindled fire. Cameraman swings: downhill women: Olga Pall / Austria on the route. You win a gold medal
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UFA-Dabei 604/1968

poses. Fashion show. Star photos of Twiggy. Close-ups. Modes are shown dancing. Twiggy at harbour cruise. Twiggy travels in car next to Manager, great. Their hands with rings, wholesale. Close-ups. (46 m) 04. Grenoble: Winter Olympics title: doing sports
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 943/1968

flowing hair, great. Flying aircraft. Female profile with curly hair, big. Hairdresser doctored hair. Girls, like stewardesses dressed, perform hairstyles. Eyes, great. 06. Grenoble: Winter Olympics Olympic fire burns in Bowl. Graduation ceremony. Flag is
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