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Welt im Bild 186/1956

. Audience clapping. Humez shaking hands with Santana. 12 Fischbachau: German Skibob Championships athletes wear their Skibikes during the upgrade. Downhill, falls and ride the winner through the target. 13 Austria: Hahnenkamm downhill men: dangerous
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 312/1956

Austria: Hahnenkamm ski race downhill women: runners at the start. The favored Austrians end down. 3 German runners under the first 4 run of the winners Sonja Sperl / Germany. Run through the goal. Sonja Sperl is signing autographs. Downhill men: dangerous
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UFA-Dabei 652/1969

. Frankenberg at gas station. Check the tire air. Tire, great. Balancing the tires. Different tyre profiles, screen-filling. Driving on icy roads with spikes. Frankenberg moves slowly in Olddriver replacement tyres stand out. 05. Hahnenkamm: downhill skiing
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UFA-Dabei 808/1972

01 Hahnenkamm at Kitzbühel: skiing men downhill skiing views of Kitzbühel, totally with Hill. Slopes and many viewers. Various settings of the slalom run of the men's. Banu / Switzerland, totally in the course the aim is no. 1, 2. Jean-Noel Augert
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