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Welt im Film 68/1946

) houses destroyed b. earthquake in Western India (Haiti). Men in clean-up work. Natives to worship under the open sky. (16 m) c. Churchill to General Pattons grave in Luxembourg Churchill resigns Tomb in Luxembourg a wreath at General Pattons. Wreath loop
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 47/1950

elephant. (32 m) 03. Haiti: Government of new President people pass on grandstand with cars and bicycles. (16 m) 04. Morocco: Orange crop pickers on the orange plantation. Oranges are cleaned, sprayed, sorted and packaged. Orange crates onto conveyor belt
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UFA-Wochenschau 313/1962

adjacent flea markets, van with furniture are dragged through streets or pushed. -Series alger. Soldiers with fire content. Weapons under tree, close. -Frühstückend Ben Bella on terrace, close. 05. Port-au-Prince / Haiti. "Gods, ghosts and ecstasies
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