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Welt im Film 7/1945

the military Government conscious citizens. You will learn E.g. the tasks of traffic policemen. Responsibly, he fulfilled his duty. This one has been eager to become a useful member of the new Germany. Hamburg: Editing a news sheet in 5 languages
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Welt im Film 19/1945

piled up. The students clean the stones. Hamburg. Little girls go for the first time in the school at the Graudenzerweg. A girl goes through a door with the sign registration here. The girls sit in the class. The headteacher Friedrich Ahrens stands
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Welt im Film 22/1945

(36 m) 03 Hamburg - football on the playing field. Spectator cuts. Kick-off. Stephen II score a goal for the HSV. Game scenes. Final score 3:1 (51 m) 4th London - the Mighty Atom a British soldier with a small motorcycle on the arm. He puts up the
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Welt im Film 23/1945

at milking a cow. (43 m) 05 Hamburg - the first boxing matches boxing ring on the Rothenbaum sports ground. Walter Neusel and Richard Vogt boxing it. Impact Exchange and spectator cuts. The eighth round will be shown with a shield. In the background
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Welt im Film 24/1945

01 Hamburg - again Amusement Park Carousel, mountain and Valley Railway, whirligig. A laughing girl, close-up. Children looking for. Operation of the roller coaster. In the evening people in front of the sausage stand. A dice cup game, great
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Welt im Film 25/1945

. Possibility of (25 m) 08 Buenos Aires - political storm in Argentina on the road. People carry banners. Colonel Peron and President Farell abreast, wide. (23 m) 09 Hamburg - Hagenbeck inventory input by Hagenbeck and Park trails. Ponies Gallop out of the
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Welt im Film 26/1945

kitchen. Dining car and waiters and guests at dinner. (52 m) 06. Pittsburgh - temperament on the ice in an ice Revue dancing girls. A pair of spin. Can-can on the ice. (29 m) 7 Hamburg - the end of Fink II submarine bunker Finkenwerder. Bomb damage. Sign
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Welt im Film 27/1945

) 06 Hamburg - winter evacuation from the city tram line runs through road. Sign Hamburg Altona. Station with many people. People get into wagons. Red Cross nurses distribute food. Ladle, large, filling soup in cups. A milk bottle is filled with a
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Welt im Film 30/1945

in Hamburg, half total sausage and bread. Women distribute wooden toys, half total. (38 m) 03 London - collection of the new Lord Mayor band moves through the streets of London, half total. Parading Marines, Lady chapel and female troops unit
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Welt im Film 31/1945

the evening with a Zeppelin in the clouds, total. (76 m) 10 Hamburg - German help German pan across the City Hall to the City Hall square. Mayor Rudolf Petersen sits behind his desk and speaks, O sound. Call to the German help. Sign German help
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Welt im Film 32/1945

the vessel, pivoting around the ship forward. (51 m) 02 Hamburg - fight of the disease shield typhoid vaccination. Two reporter wearing a sick person out of the House in the ambulance, totally. Men in disinfecting clothes carry bedding from bed posts
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Welt im Film 35/1946

bouquets (half total). Japanese boys with hats. (29 m) 9 Hamburg – exciting trotting race of the Starter lowers the flag (half total). The trotters on the train (total). Trotter close: legs, heads, drivers, viewers on the railway (half total). In the curve
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Welt im Film 36/1946

the image. (48 m) 04 Hamburg - coast guard against trafficking ships at the bridge (total and close). English officers go aboard (total). To investigate the ship, after black ware. A box will open, bags and boxes are loaded on a cart (total). Storage
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Welt im Film 37/1946

Menagery in Hamburg is a giraffe. The baby is already 1.60 mtrs tall and has grown a quarter of a meter during it's first three days of life. Hoppla - but soon is will get used to these long stilts of legs - especially with the air of such a kind- giraffe
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Welt im Film 38/1946

total). (28 m) 03 Hamburg - country art school opens National Arts school opened. Art students working on sculptures (some close-ups). Nude model in the art class. Potter (large). Making a vase (large). Girl at the spinning wheel (half total) and on the
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Welt im Film 39/1946

) 5th World Trade Union leaders in Germany meeting of trade union leaders (half total) in Hamburg. Sir Walter Citrine, England, President of the World Trade Union Federation, speaks (half total). The American trade union leader Sidney Hillman (large
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Welt im Film 47/1946

, Austria and Germany (total). Ration cards (total). Shopping baskets (large). Grain field with Reaper (half total). Steamboat in the port of Hamburg (total). Wheat is unloaded (half total). Port workers. (61 m) 5th process Mauthausen judges come in (total
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Welt im Film 49/1946

the spinning mills, where it is spun into yarns. In weaving mills are made then the yarn cloth. So, new things arise from rags. (c). Dog training future guide dogs Trainingsapprat are trained in the Jakob von Uexküll Foundation in Hamburg with a new
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Welt im Film 50/1946

and dresses, intended as an example and inspiration to the resurgent textile industry. Most of the stuff destined for export. Tailoring, fashion graphics and fashion drawing are taught in this fashion school in Hamburg: the entire career of a dress. On
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Welt im Film 51/1946

democracy and peace. Against militarism and war." Speakers (half total) Wilhelm Pieck. Among the listeners of Russian and Allied soldiers (half total). Hamburg. Removals at the Rathausmarkt, Sternschanze, Stephansplatz, Jungfernstieg (half total
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