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Welt im Film 41/1946

01 industry in building the rubber-processing industry is again underway. Car tires and tubes are manufactured in the Dunlopwerken to Hanau am Main. Also for bikes manufactured hoses and tires. In addition to tires, the company Metzler in Munich
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Welt im Film 246/1950

Stoffan, Austria, fights against Paul Berger, Switzerland. Outerwear. Both wrestlers are at the end on the ground. Spectators and viewers, big. (25 m) 03 childcare a. Hanau: radiation cure children go with glasses due to radiation response. (13 m) b
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UFA-Wochenschau 361/1963

Palais, halbhah. Hanau. Large military show. -Kennedy walks, betw. 2 generals immediately, from the garden, half-close + close. Ehrengarden + firing salute cannons behind them, half total. Car driving with Kennedy Traditio. Military parade field with
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Deutschland grüßt Kennedy

answered at press conference questions actuality (relations United States Germany - reunification) Kennedy climb car. Children presented flowers. Kennedy in addition to interpreting Weber in car. Hanau: U.S. weapons: tanks, guns, rocket guns and vehicles
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Deutschlandspiegel 391/1987

snack bar. Ski jumping: ski jumper jump ZL. Cameraman follows the jump with camera. It wins Jiri Parma, CSSR. Advertising: Adidas, Fuji Film. (61 m) 07 US sculptor James Reinking Hanau Town Hall. Works of art of the Huguenots in the 17th century James
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Deutschlandspiegel 405/1988

: Hanau: penny pinching cityscape Hanau. Deutsche Bank. Dresdner Bank. Traffic. U.S. soldiers in restaurant. Statement U.S. soldiers and wife of new exchange rate dollar-DM. U.S. family in apartment. Baby is fed. US soldier and business. Barracks. US
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