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Welt im Bild 97/1954

. Soldiers parading before Tito. Army, marine, tank, air force. 04. Harburg: Opening of Europe's most modern refinery Esso swivel about oil refinery. Settings of the tanks. Mayor Dr. Sieveking holds speech. Listeners applaud. Boy Sieveking presented flowers
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 224/1954

01 765 years world port Hamburg the Hamburg harbour with tugs and barges. Dockers launch. Port workers get at bridge from longboat. Ships at the wharf. VW is loaded. English freighter. Japanese ship. Ceremony in the Esso oil refinery in Harburg
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 326/1956

, tanks, infantry, Navy, women, young people dance. 04. Hamburg-Harburg: international dance tournament Europe - Australia at the hotel of Lambert Fred Jenyns / Terry Machay, Australia, slow Waltz. Jack McGregor / Bemil Twiggs, England, dance Bolero
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UFA-Wochenschau 117/1958

. Harburg: the Bundeswehr with chairs in the hands of grenadiers to concert in barracks of the Airmen of note go jazz. Jazz band playing. Soldiers clapping. (33 m)
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Deutschlandspiegel 332/1982

to say if the capital wants to offload the burden of the crisis on workers today, no!" The rich should pay. This is what we To want." Clapping. Transparent group of Harburg. OLE von Beust, country Chairman of Junge Union, gets out of his car. Portal
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Deutschlandspiegel 418/1989

base. Gate in front of the world's oldest internally displaced closes in the evening, in order to protect the peace of this place. (51 m) 05. Harburg: Schützensport protect procession with horse-drawn carriage. Schützen/innen shooting at birds. Finger
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